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Help I cracked a frame

I am in desperate need of some help and advice.  This morning after my 21.5 mile morning skate, I was checking my wheels because I had a very difficult time keeping my skate from rolling to the inside edge.  I noticed the frame was crakced where the bolt attaches to the boot and the frame had slipped all the way to the inside edge of my boot.  I am attempting to mend the crack with a very powerful epoxy. 

The skates are Powerslide R4s with a vision 5 x 84mm frame.  I have not been able to find anyplace that still sells any poweslide skates with 5 wheels let alone the same frame I have.  I am looking to get a replacement fame as inexspensibve as possilbe.  I really don't want to spend more than $100 if at all possible.  Can anybody recommend a suitible frame, and also tell me what measurements I need to insure the frame will fit my boots.  I have never shopped for a frame before.

you can e-mail: kensun@sunshinecentral.org


Ken Sunshine. 


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Buying a Replacement Frame for Inline Skates, Speed Skates

Hi kensun... Sorry about your frame! Glad you are skating. If you want a 5x84 frame you should be able to find that inexpensively on eBay. If you want to help the site, just click through the eBay ads anywhere on the page before bidding. Some of the money eBay would make anyway then goes to help keep roadskater.net going.

Anyway, the crucial measurement is the distance between the two mounting bolt holes on the bottom of your boots. I believe the old standard is 165mm and the newer standard for 4x100 and other frames is 195mm. I believe your boots are likely to be 165mm mounts. You don't need to get a Powerslide frame if you don't especially want to. Just get that measurement right and you should be fine. Following are some affiliate links to stuff on eBay (some are not perfect but they're a start):





Any time you buy on eBay look carefully at the seller's feedback as a seller and make sure they have at least 10 trades as a seller and 99% or better feedback overall and as a seller. These are just my current thinking. Make sure to ask every question you can think of after reading everything in the ad and looking at the photos. Ask if the frame has any hairline cracks, if it appears new, and any other questions you feel are relevant. Make sure you understand the return policy if you find a defect. The best insurance is to look for 100 positives or more as a seller with zero negatives. Great eBay sellers simply will not sell junk, as it is too hard to build a reputation to ruin it by knowingly selling a defective piece. Pay for shipping insurance too, if you think there is any chance at all you will wish you had. On eBay, it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for shipping insurance. It's worth it.


I'd consider, however, getting a 3x100+84 frame. The shorter length makes a difference, and it's up to you to consider which you prefer, but most like the 3x100+84 better. I only wish I had the 5x84 when I go down Silver Hill or other very long, very fast downhills. The longer frame is noticeably more stable at high speed, to me. I think I like the 5x84 better for uphill rough surface skating too, but for all other situations, I prefer the 3x10+84 (and would prefer 4x100 if I had longmount boots). The larger wheels do help when going over uneven surfaces on level or downhill ground. They may make it easier for some even on the uphills, but for some reason I don't find that to be so.


I think most 5x84 frames are OK, but there was some opinion that the Verducci Shockwave 5x84 had a reputation for hairline fracturing. I have a set like that and have considered trying to sell the one frame to someone or buy a single frame from someone, but haven't done that as I use the 3x100+84 setup and am fine with that (except that the right frame I'm using is still bent from the night before A2A skate...a reason not to wear your A2A skates on the night skate?).


I hope these answers help. If I have more time later I'll add more info. I hope I got the numbers right. Please confirm and measure and don't take my word for it! Thanks for asking, Ken! Glad to have you hear on RSN2.com.

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Perfect Excuse to Make the Jump to Bigger Wheels!

Hi Kensun. Sorry about your cracked frame. At least you cracked it by hard skating. I actually bought used 5x84 frames from someone, and they were already cracked! Doh and duh. I have 'born yesterday' written on my forehead, apparently.


Blake's reply is most excellent and informative. I just wanted to add my recommendation to use this as an opportunity to go ahead and buy a 100x4, or 100x3+84, or 110 frames, if they'll fit on your skates. I wish I had gone to a 4xBiggerwheels set-up a long time ago instead of just last September. It's more than worth it in my opinion. Rumors of not being able to get up hills as fast never rang true for me. I didn't notice any difference on the uphills. On the downhills, however, I found keeping up with others much easier.  


Keep us posted on what you decide! Glad you're still skating!

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