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Not Better, Just Faster: Fast Olympic Speed Skater and Slow Runner on Teaching Children and Ourselves about Competition

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Here's a brief interview with one of Canada's favorite speed skating champions. I thought the comments on competition were interesting. I miss seeing all those skaters who were so much faster than me at Athens to Atlanta. They'd still be faster than me, most of them, but not perhaps it is not worth being there to them if not faster than almost everyone there? In any case, I'd love to see more skaters at A2A, especially those on the way up or down. I think a lower entry fee would help. In any case, back to the subject at hand.... 


Here's a bit of what I found interesting:

We have to stress that it is OK to be in those competitive environments and to not win. It’s OK to teach children that you can be in a race, and someone can beat you, and that’s OK. It doesn’t mean that they are better, it means that they are faster....It doesn’t mean that we tell them we all are equal, and that they are all just as fast, because that’s not true. I think we need to remind our kids that competition is OK as long as we don’t judge ourselves by it...

Easy for you to say, having been so fast, ha! Oh yes I liked the bit about running 10k or 5k. "Really?"


Q&A: Catriona Le May Doan explains why the real race is with yourself - National Post -

National Post

Q&A: Catriona Le May Doan explains why the real race is with yourself
National Post
The Olympic speed skating champion, who was known for being the fastest woman on ice, admits land is another story. “The hard part is that as soon as someone realizes you are an Olympian, they expect you to be perfect at everything,” she said.

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