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Nude Inline Skating in Portland Oregon by Gennifer Moss may sweep the nation

MikeB's picture

Just when you thought your regular skating workouts were risky enough, here comes a woman that not only doesn't don any safety gear, she's sans clothing!

And evidently skating or biking in nothing but your birthday suit is legal in Oregon.

The puns and skating double entendres are flying so fast I'm getting neuron overload.

Let's hope other states are not so lenient, otherwise T2T and A2A would be downright unbare-able,  or would that be bare-able,,,,,,,,,,not sure.    ;-)



No way

Maybe it would motivate some of us to skate faster…for whatever reason… hahaha…
MikeB's picture


I think the possibility of skating amidst bears would get speed to record levels......not sure how you deal w/ that potential.

A recent news story (from Montana? North Dakota? can't quite remember) had an elementary school teacher riding his bike to school, doing about 20mph, crested a quick hill and slammed into the side of a 300lb bear.  They both toppled down the road, the bear took off and the rider needed some medical attention but was going to be fine.

Last week 2 deer leaped across the road 50 feet in front of me and I just about fainted.

roadskater's picture

Deer Crossing in Front of Us

Recently eebee and I went out with Jack (once) and then Craig (once) to test out the route we used for the replacement skate on T2T Saturday (Storm Hanna and her skaters day). We were climbing up from the Haw River to the Bethany water tower and came to a bend in the road that dropped off on either side to brief bits of woods. We saw a few deer cross the road close enough to surprise us, then one or more of them waited a moment and crossed back across the road, I think to go get a young one who had not crossed. In the movie in my head, it was a mother going back for the most timid of the bunch, and I could hear cartoon voices as they spoke in the script of my taxed brain. It was a nice moment with no danger but plenty of interesting unpredictability. As for bare skating, one of my pals has joined in the Miami and San Francisco versions of this event, in groups. I believe the Miami version to have been more furtive and nocturnal, and the SF version more open and in bright sunlight. It's not for me, I fear, and all are glad to know it, methinks!
eebee's picture


Marianne - it doesn't sound like you need any more motivation to skate faster, from those lap times you posted at the 24 hr event!
MikeB's picture

Food is a good motivator

I hadn't looked at Marianne's lap times but I certainly will now. I did notice that at the end of a skate or event, when there's food waiting, the pace increases over the last couple miles. Weird huh?

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