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NYPD's proposed rules for group skates / bike rides

This means us!!

I have changed the terminology from biking to skating in the press-release from Transportation Alternatives to underscore the impact of the proposed new rules on our community. Theoretically, every point applies to skaters, even the requirement to carry a bell.

The NYPD already has the rules needed to keep order in the streets. They have traffic laws, prohibitions against disorderly conduct, and a host of other rules. In short, there is no need for the police to create new rules to suppress non-vehicular transportation.

Speaker Christine Quinn is supporting the new rules. Make sure she knows that you don't by using the links provided. Alan has given you her answer to the initial notice, when you get that first answer, send another note of concerned opposition. Write also to your council-member.

See you on the streets!

The NYPD's proposed changes to city permit rules would subject groups of pedestrians and skaters "proceeding together" (above) to arrest if one person breaks any traffic rule, law or regulation.

Special Action Alert:

The NYPD is Trying to Take Away Your Right to Skate

Take Action to Preserve Your Freedom to Skate in New York City

The Police Department is unilaterally proposing to change the City's parade permit rules (PDF) and under these new rules, the NYPD will have the power to stop any ten or more skaters "proceeding together" if one of them breaks any traffic rules, law or regulation.

Simply put, this means that you can be arrested for the conduct of others. If you are riding around Central Park, or on any city street, and find yourself with a group of skaters, affiliated or not, and one skater skates through a red light, doesn't have a bell or rolls outside of a bike lane, a police officer could stop the entire group and arrest everyone for parading without a permit.

The Police Department is also proposing that every group skate with thirty or more skaters must apply for a parade permit and an NYPD-approved route. If the skate does not obtain a permit or people stray from the police-approved route, even if they are obeying all laws, every skater will be subject to arrest.

Under these new rules, skate clubs, youth groups, health organizations and community and civic groups, even you and your friends, will have to obtain NYPD clearance for every single group skate. It means these law abiding citizens will have to obtain parade permits for all of their group skates or that they will have to turn people away and cap their events at thirty people.

How can we stop these proposed rules?
  1. Contact City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Speaker Quinn needs to hear that you oppose the NYPD's proposed parade permit rules.
Tell her that these proposed changes will:
    • Affect millions of New Yorkers each year;
    • Make it difficult for New Yorkers to participate in thousands of formal and informal tours and group skates, routine training group skates, field trips, site seeing tours, historical, cultural, environmental and neighborhood tours and more;
    • Greatly discourage physical activity, exercise, educational trips and tourism;
    • Force many to forego biking altogether and result in more traffic, more air and noise pollution, more subway crowding and a lower quality of life.
  • Take five minutes to e-mail then call your City Councilmember.
They need to hear that the Police Department's proposed parading rules will deter people from riding skates in New York City and worsen relations between skaters and the police. They need to hear that less cycling is bad for the health and quality of life of New Yorkers and for the environment and economy of New York City.
City Councilmembers need to be urged to speak out against the proposed changes at the November 27 hearing. And, City Councilmembers need to be urged to tell Speaker Quinn that they oppose the NYPDs proposal and want commonsense parade rules in New York City.
  1. Voice your opposition! Attend the November 27 public hearing or send written comments

NYPD Public Hearing 11am-2pm One Police Plaza, Manhattan

Assemble for Rights NYC Rally One Police Plaza Noon-2 pm
If you plan to testify or submit written comments write to:
Assistant Deputy Commissioner Thomas P. Doepfner New York City Police Department One Police Plaza, Room 1406 New York, NY 10038
  1. Join Assemble for Rights NYC

Assemble for Rights NYC is a coalition working for commonsense rules of assembly in New York City. People interested in volunteering can e-mail volunteer@a4rnyc.org.

1997-2006 Transportation Alternatives
127 West 26th Street, Suite 1002, New York, NY, 10001
info@transalt.org; Phone: 212-629-8080; Fax: 212-629-8334


New York needs YOU!!!

    As a Jersey-girl, I have taken the time to respond to the "powers-to-be" because NYC has enough laws, rules, and regulations to govern street traffic already, and we need to skate NYC . . . 

    In my opinion, it's one of the best places to do a group skate.  The public transportation system allows people to bail-out as needed.  It has a great park system, some of the best sites, just enough hills and bridges to keep things interesting, and quite frankly some of the most considerate skaters on the planet! (I know, because I've been helped so many times!)

    Putting all of that aside, it's really a matter of freedom to assemble.  It's not for anyone's safety or well being.  These additional rules kick-in at just 10 in a group.  Aren't we all safer in some sort of group?

    Take the time to make a difference.  Everyone needs to skate NYC!

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