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O Jerseys, Jerseys, wherefore art thou Jerseys?

MikeB's picture

It won't be long now.  The much anticipated Roadskater.net 2008 jerseys should be here fairly soon.

What color will they be?  Any guesses?

Will the mysterious Blake give any clues or will he continue to play it close to the vest like an enigmatic world series of poker player, wrapped up in infinitely stealthy 'Blakeness?'

Only time will tell.

Word on the street is Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Blake are in negotiations on a new line to be introduced Spring of '09.  Seems the deal hinges on whether Sir Blake is willing to be the primary runway model.

Okay, so I made that last part up, WTH, that's funny stuff.

Anyway, whatever the color - I can't wait to get mine.


eebee's picture

Skateaway, that's all

"Seems the deal hinges on whether Sir Blake is willing to be the primary runway model." Maybe the skate-away model :-). I think we're all getting serious cabin fever with all this rain. Looking forward to skating again, and the new jersey.

New Jerseys?

Would I be able to purchase a jersey or is it USA members only:-)?
MikeB's picture

I ordered two

I'm sure you can get one Marianne, but just in case - I personally ordered two mediums, one regular T and one sleeveless, so if you can't get one just let me know.

Thank you

Thanks so much for your generous offer to give up a jersey for me. I will let you know if Sir Blake ;) can’t find one for me :).

roadskater's picture

Canadians Welcome, As Are All

Hey marianne: You sure can order a jersey, if you like. The price will change once the jersey color is known, but if you order now, you can beat that change. The best thing to do is check this page and find your size... http://roadskater.net/order-your-new-2008-roadskaternet-inline-skating-a... Then send me an email with the size and style you want and I will check if I have it, and if so, will send a link to order. They're a bit pricey at $58 preorder and $64 postorder but really nice fabric and 19" supersweet zipper make them cool. No pressure either way but hope you'll want one! roadskater
Jack's picture

Has anyone heard..

..the rumor that if Blake tells us the new jersey color tonight, the rain will stop and we can actually train between now and Tanglewood? No, guess I'll have to start it myself then. HEY BLAKE.......
eebee's picture

Team Roadskater.net knows no borders

Marianne - I'm pretty sure I can speak for Blake here when I say heck no you don't have to be in the US to get a roadskater jersey. Indeed, I think Blake would be chuffed to bits for the jersey to be seen in other countries. I will let him fill in the rest about team prerequisites :-) The order for the jerseys has already been placed, but Blake sometimes orders extras as folk have typically wanted to buy them after the fact. I have no idea what extra sizes he has this time, but I'm sure he'll be posting here soon.
skatey-mark's picture

mystery color - revealed!

Nah... Just kidding! ;-) If I had to guess, the color is going to be consistent with Blake's "Carolina Color Palette" though... Carolina Blue skies, Green trees, Purple... Uh... Hmmmm... Flowers? Mountains? "Purple Mountain Majesties"??? :-) Sooo... Yellow/Orange for the sun? Brown tobacco? (lol) Could be anything... I'm just wondering if the color scheme for the website is going to change to match the new jersey color... - SM -
roadskater's picture

The Tobacco We See is a Different Color

The tobacco we see is green to green/yellow to yellow or maybe brownish if really dead (seldom unless up in the barn). But we have brown trees I guess, or grey/gray, as far as the trunks go. You are right about the nature part. It's always a color I think of as from nature. But then I don't know what color isn't found somewhere in nature. Some will love it. Some will hate it. I'm sure of that.
skatey-mark's picture

imaginary colors

Somewhat off-topic, but I'm reminded of an article I just read explaining how pink/magenta isn't a color...  The article is a bit misleading -- if it's not a color, then what is it?  Rather, there's no frequency of light that corresponds to magenta...  Very odd...  It's just how our brains happen to interpret a certain combination of light stimuli...




- SM -

eebee's picture

Now I have green dots in front of my eyes

Cool article, Skatey-Mark. Short enough for me to actually read all the way through. Although staring at the magenta dot proved virtually impossible with all that other internet stimuli screaming for my attention on the page. At the risk of sounding (even more) ignorant (that I already do)...if 'they' say we perceive color simply as our particular species' brains can process, how can they say there's no such thing as magenta? And isn't everything we see upside down, too...or was my physics teacher just pulling my leg? I haven't read up on it but I'm sure other animals would beg to differ based on their particular retina and communication skills. If only they could talk, indeed!

Maybe the jersey will be ultraviolet or infrared. Although I like Mike's guess of the image of Blake's head on the jersey...perhaps Andy Warhol style.

timv's picture


if 'they' say we perceive color simply as our particular species' brains can process, how can they say there's no such thing as magenta?

IMHO: It's quite easy to say just about anything--if you're a nitwit.

That article seems to hinge on selling the idea that "color" and "frequency" are the same things. But of course they aren't. There's no reason to think that our visual system was ever about being able to measure frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. It's about being able to distinguish ripe (red) berries from unripe (green) berries and stuff like that. We sense color by weighting the responses of three difference types of light-sensing rods, each sensitive to different parts of the visible spectrum. That's a lot different from measuring the frequency of light, and in fact very different combinations of light spectra can produce exactly the same perceived color in a human who sees them.

And check out qualia, the philosophical concept of "the ways things seem to us"--"qualities or sensations, like redness or pain, as considered independently of their effects on behavior and from whatever physical circumstances give rise to them." Philosophers have been arguing for ages about whether it even makes sense to claim the existence of such "what it's like" things--as actual entities apart from physical causes and the observable behaviors that result from them. But here you're getting into the realm of what the meaning of "is" is; and we saw how much trouble Bill Clinton got into with that.

I haven't read up on it but I'm sure other animals would beg to differ based on their particular retina and communication skills. If only they could talk, indeed!

Yes: "What Birds See", Scientific American July 2006. Also, there are obviously some significant differences between how people with normal trichromatic vision experience colors and what colorblind people see looking at the same things. And there has been some research interest lately as to whether women who have coding for slightly different red or green cones on each of their two X chromosomes might be functioning "tetrachromats" with different color perception abilities than us mere trichromats.

Oh, and yeah, of course the images formed by the lenses of our eyes on our retinas are upside-down--just as in every camera and every telescope. (Not binoculars--they have prisms inside to turn things back to upright.) However we see things perfectly right-side-up. We don't watch what our eyes show us. (This is the "Homunculus Argument", aka the "Cartesian Theater" fallacy.) Our eyes are part of us and we see as they see.

roadskater's picture

Is it Pink or Is it Magenta, Pantone or Process, the RSN Logo

Good stuff timv even if I don't understand it all, ha! One reason I don't like to TELL the color but like the jersey subscriber to SEE it first is that if I say a jersey is (insert a color) that is highly open to interpretation. In the article mentioned above in fact, the author used turquoise where I would have definitely said cyan (the primary light mixing colors being red, green, blue and printing colors being cyan, magenta, yellow, with black added to make blacks really very black even if ink distributions among the CMY are not even. This is CMYK, where the K is for black. I don't know if they said pink for magenta, but that's another biggie.

And if you find a Pantone color book, look up the color rhodamine red and tell me what color you think that is!? And look at Pantone Red and tell me if that is what you thought when you heard it was red.

Another interesting thing is that some Pantone colors can't really be made well simply using the CMYK "process" colors. These colors are deemed "outside the gamut" of the CMYK process, and this why when a company or a skateylovin' website wants to get a color spot on, they turn to Pantone inks (or clones if there are any) and use the Pantone numbers to talk about such stuff on the phone and in emails and such. Pantone (Pantone Matching System) uses 14 basic colors and makes the other colors mostly by mixing those: They all start with the word PANTONE and they are:

  • PANTONE Yellow
  • PANTONE Yellow 012
  • PANTONE Orange 021
  • PANTONE Warm Red
  • PANTONE Red 032
  • PANTONE Rubine Red
  • PANTONE Rhodamine Red
  • PANTONE Purple
  • PANTONE Violet
  • PANTONE Blue 072
  • PANTONE Reflex Blue
  • PANTONE Process Blue
  • PANTONE Green
  • PANTONE Black

While it's not mentioned in the Basic colors, there's another trick, and that is:

  • Transparent White

This is the main secret to the idea of the Roadskate.net jerseys. The idea is to create an overlay of the same color in various lightnesses like a monochrome stained glass window. I had an idea in mind that would use the RSN logo for the swirls but we needed something in a hurry so I went with the closest design I could find and modified that.

The swirls are like coffee cup swirls that led to the idea of the RSN logo which is supposed to swirl into an infinity symbol that encapsulates the RSN or RN as you prefer, either way (so the S can be an S or it can be an infinity sign, skateylove yes!). The loops of the R and N are inverted and flipped to suggest vaguely the yinyang and it's supposed to look computer graphic but hand drawn inkish. I bet I've written all of this before!

Pantone has a modified CMYK process as well called Hexachrome, with six colors: yellow, orange, magenta, cyan, green, black.

Using a Pantone color swatch book is a great aid when talking about colors, but if your printer uses CMYK you may fall in love with colors they can't produce well. This is one reason you can't always just pick any color but need to pick among ones they present in their basic options. A good printer or jersey maker will try to hit that color you want, but will also admit it when they know they aren't matching that color swatch in the book.

Pink? I think of pink as red that got mixed up with white, rather than magenta that's still strong but just caught halfway between blue and red. But that's just me thinking about colors as people in a color space. Violet's not shrinking at all if unfiltered and just more blue than Purple, who leans red but not far.

eebee's picture

Hey who put that typo in my post?!

Microsoft didn't catch 'that' - probably because I never use spellcheck, but my eyes didn't see that 'that' three whole times and now it's too late to edit.

"...as to whether women who have coding for slightly different red or green cones on each of their two X chromosomes might be functioning "tetrachromats" with different color perception abilities than us mere trichromats."

I'm pretty sure I'm a woman who missed out on those cones, as well as the interior-decorachromats. I'm sure there are many on both sides who'd back that 'tetrachromats' study.

Those philosophical musings usually leave me with the desire to aspire to absolutely nothing, since it's my life after all (or is it?) and therefore why bother? Sort of like the vacuum cleaner that vacuums itself up in that one Pink Panther cartoon.

Great answers, Timv, thanks! And plenty to read up on. 

MikeB's picture

Excellent Jersey Fun

This is one humorous string we got going. And I notice no word from the Mysterious Blake yet....if that's even his real name. Matter of fact, now that I recall, he bears a striking resemblance to a mafioso snitch moved from Providence Rhode Island in the federal witness protection program.....oh shoot, probably shouldn't have mentioned that. Perhaps he's throwing us off the trail completely....maybe it's not a mystery color but a 2' x 2' pixelized photo of Blake himself for all to wear on their chest. Nice.
roadskater's picture

Come Skate With Us and Get a First Look

I posted separately but wanted to mention we're doing a New Jersey in North Carolina skate and bike ride Saturday. The new jerseys will be there and so will North Carolina, under your feet. I've found some really sweet roads and am building a special route of the best of northern piedmont roads, and this is part of it. It's a nice route and we can have a great time I am certain. Turn sheets but no support. Just convenience store stops and maybe a fire station or two. The anticipation builds as I wonder how this new color will be received. I snicker as I know some didn't order out of fear and wonder if they'll be relieved or will want one (or not care, ha, but I don't like to think about indifference). It will be a color I've seen while skating and one that occurs somewhere in nature. Hope y'all love it and if not we'll find someone who does. I still have one XL in last year's strong violet if anyone is interested...with NO sleeves methinks.

NO Colour (CAN spelling) :)

OK, I got the answer, the jerseys are transparent!
MikeB's picture

Perfect! It's the emperor's color/colour

That's perfect Marianne! After all that techno color talk I almost jumped off my 3rd floor balcony at work -- probably would have but my legs are too sore from yesterday's inlcine workout to climb over the railing. But you absolutely nailed it. There is no jersey - Blake will have an empty box and begin to hand out invisible air jerseys, telling us they are magnificent and that only lousy skaters couldn't see that. What a scammer. ;-)
roadskater's picture

Everybody's Favorite Color (or is it Favourite Colour)

Is not "Skintoned" a color "found in nature"? Other jerseys ruin your tan, do they not? A transparent jersey, were there such a thing, and I am not giving away the color here, would allow you to tan more fully and evenly, and get more fashion value from your undergarments (if any). The transparent shorts are not likely to become available, luckily, because skaters already share enough of their anatomy with the world in the black ones, and even more if they wear lighter or shinier materials.
MikeB's picture

Love the 2008 RSN color/colour

After much anticipation, my jersey arrived yesterday and it is awesome. The color(s) are great, the fit is right on, and the fabric is too cool. It's so light it almost weighs nothing. Now we'll just wait on the sleeveless thing to work itself out. Thanks!

Tell me the colour!

Ah… your description of the awesome, fit right on, fabric to cool and weightless jersey, sounds very much like it has the colour “invisible”. Ha

roadskater's picture

Mountain Ash, Firethorn, Bittersweet Oriental Berries, More

These and other berries (sometimes edible) on shrubs and trees, along with various fruit from trees in warm sunny summer nature, and the Euskaltel-Euskadi team in Tour de France 2008, are inspirations. When a tour team has a disgrace, or the tour in general is embarrassed, it dampens chances for a color! Technical challenges affected this year as well. I recall riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway in an early or late snowfall, and seeing the berries of the Mountain Ash. What an inspiring sight it was to see the hope of summer in the stark beauty of winter, like a Cardinal flitting about seeds in fluffy snowdrops. While skating we've seen the berries of Bitterweet Oriental or Firethorn, or at least this may be what they were! Of course at the rest stops we've enjoyed the juicy quartered fruit of this color, and for a real treat, the smaller version is perfect in its segmented sweetness. It was time for a warm color, and this one represents the hope of hot summer sweat and cool wind and sweet fruit that gets us through winter as we long for roadskating, the sustenance for our souls.
MikeB's picture

and it has no rhyme

Wow!  Your prose is such that I think I've found some great words and lines for my personal eulogy.

Quite frankly, between you an eebee, you both have a gift and could certainly dethrone Dr. Maya Angelou as our local Poet Laureate of Roadskaters.

 Now if you could just find a word from the English language that rhymes with the color of the new jersey.  I think you'll be hard pressed.  Best I can remember, there are only 3 or 4 words that have no rhymes.

MikeB's picture

You are TOO Perceptive

Excellent perception!

No but truly, I really like it a lot and plan to show it off to the cows and squirrels this weekend on my backroad / countryroad skate!

MikeB's picture

"Sleeveless" - where are you now?

So hopefully the sleeveless version of the widely and wildly acclaimed 2008 Roadskater.net jersey will be having the wrinkles ironed out. More to come I'm sure, and we're all eager for it's arrival. If you haven't reserved a 2008 sleeved jersey, check with Blake, perhaps he's got a few extras on hand, or maybe can add to the sleeveless order. That's pure speculation but worth a shot. These jerseys are SWEET. Nice to see Skatey-Mark modeling the new look on his personal pic.
eebee's picture

That IS a great photo!

"Nice to see Skatey-Mark modeling the new look on his personal pic."

I agree! That is a great photo with Mark also modeling his hard-earned afterglow.

roadskater's picture

Sleeveless Saga Slogs Along, "Languid and Bitterweet"

The international incident known as the 2008 Sleeveless Roadskater.net Jersey continues. All will be revealed by time for the Carolina Century November 8 2008, we hope, at which point if anyone can wear this year's sleeveless without other upper body wear, it would be a miracle...though perhaps eebee style a la Tour to Tanglewood Day 2 2007 would work...where she sported borrowed arm warmers and a sleeveless 2005 sky edition if memory serves me. I can only say that you will eventually know to what lengths I went to ensure that no one would wear the jerseys as delivered until at least after my turning into trees again, even were they to sit within the skate hovel until my demise this time as a collection of carbon called almost human. At moments I was certain the fabric would be reused instead for other projects (a skater's quilt? matching camelbak covers? homemade arm warmers? a skate gang bandana? an underhelmet sweat cap? a skatepirate's doo rag?). As it stands the jerseys are in another country and we will see if they make it back stateside within a couple or three weeks. I will then open, in languid and bittersweet fashion, ins Rollschuhschuppen, the fateful packages, upon which rest the peace of the tiny Roadskater.net principality. Or sumpin lyk dat.
eebee's picture

Steely Prince

*** Threadjack alert! ***

So I had to go look up 'languid and bittersweet' and was intrigued to learn Prince must've paid tribute to Steely Dan in "1999":

I cried when I wrote this song

Sue me if I play too long

This brother is free

I'll be what I want to be

Probably old hat to those who grew up in the US!

Anyway, I love the idea of the roadskater.net jersey quilt! 

roadskater's picture

I Hadn't Thought of a 1999 to Deacon Blues Link

I don't know if it's there and didn't find a link, but it could be. Deacon Blues permeated the air for some time on FM radio, for sure. All of the Steely Dan albums seem incredible to me, or at least those before the ones 2000 and after, which I admit to having not heard yet! They might be worth a listen, indeed.
MikeB's picture

matching apparrel

The quilt is certainly interesting + camelbak covers and doo-rags. But hey, how about matching skate covers - now that would be sleek: The RSN gang cruisin' an event with jerseys and skates all awash in matching fabric------ FAB!
roadskater's picture

Skate Covers Take a Beating

That might be cool. We'd at least generate some laughs...but perhaps no more than by wearing glitter (the secret source of strength) and having a pink camera. Still after taking a look at my skate boots, I fear skate covers would take a beating and get holes in them quickly. Perhaps with the right materials it could happen. I've thought CamelBak covers would be a good idea, and I even had an OK idea how to do it, but it hasn't been worth trying to get into dye sublimation printing of my own...yet...or having to work such a project through with a jersey manufacturer. It's hard enough to get them to make what they have already made in the past. I did make a matrix of jersey photos last year and produced some frame graphics for use at A2A. If I could find a better kind of vinyl to print, and a good way to make sure it's waterproof, I might try this decorative scheme again soon.
MikeB's picture

Roadskater.net sleeveless jersey has arrived

Many thanks goes to Blake for doing such a great job on these jerseys + all the EXTRA hard work on getting the sleeveless version finally done to specs. I can't imagine the hassle the sleeveless turned out to be but this skater sure appreciates it very very much. And the stars have aligned: I plan on putting the jersey under the FLA sun for Miami's GreatesSkate Feb 6th-8th 2009!
eebee's picture

Miami Jersey

That's great to hear, MikeB! And Miami is always just what the doctor orders in February!

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