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Open-back old-time 5-string banjo

timv's picture
Open-back old-time 5-string banjo


timv's picture


Thanks for the reply, Eebee. Having been fingerpicking guitars for close to 40 years, both of my thumbs are holding up OK so far. But I'm trying to learn the old-timey clawhammer/frailing style (think Grandpa Jones, if you remember him) and that's been getting the best of me. It's not like anything I've ever had occasion to do to an instrument before. It just feels wrong!

Just to note: that picture is from the store's website, not taken by me. But it is of my actual banjo. When you see it, you'll notice that it's actually a very plain instrument.

It's different in some details from the Gold Tone that Sufjan Stevens is playing here (his, a CC-100, is natural maple while mine, a CC-OT, is stained brown) but they're roughly sibling models:

I haven't yet figured out what a banjo player has to do to earn his wings but I'll be working on it.

I also haven't taped over the manufacturer's logo on mine yet. Not very rock 'n' roll of me, I know...


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Hey - thumb-cramp workouts count too! Thanks for posting this pretty picture.

<insert THUD smiley here>


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Why's this picture here?

Because Blake asked what everyone had been up to lately, and I haven't been skating at all or biking or running much but I did buy myself this banjo.
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