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Orbitwheel Big Single Wheel Skates or Skateboards or Something Like That

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Well, I'd reather be at the toy show because of handmade German fuzzy animals, but it'd be OK to see the skateybikey stuff too. Here's something, with a bit of viddy. What do you think? More like skateboarding than skating methinks. I think the unBoard(TM) would be a better name, especially with the unBored(TM) double meaning. HA!

Toy Fair 2009: Orbit Wheel Skates -

Toy Fair 2009: Orbit Wheel Skates
NY - 10 hours ago
The company describes the round footwear as something of a cross between rollerblading and skateboarding, but really, when you get a chance to watch it in ...


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Looks interesting. I wonder

Looks interesting. I wonder if it could be set up so the direction of rotation weren't perpendicular to forward travel. Also reminds me of those twisty skateboard stick thingys that I kinda wanna try as well.
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Landrollers are vaguely like that I guess? Not really but yes in that they're big wheels. I've seen some big wheel roller skates (quads) too, but I think only scooter size 100mm wheels.
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Another Link and Video

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