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Order Your New 2008 Roadskater.net Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey

roadskater's picture
You don't have to be a member to order a jersey. You don't have to order a jersey to be on the team, but...the order deadline is now extended for preorders to 9 a.m. EDT (6 a.m. PDT) Thursday July 17, 2008. After that, the price may be higher for any extras on hand. Celebrate roadskating with skateylove, and share the road on your skates or bike for charity in your Roadskater.net jersey! If you can't order and pay by then, please write to me as I would need a strong commitment to pay soon thereafter (after the deadline you can still order and I will do my best, refunding if I can't get a jersey for you...I still want to know if you want one.):
  • The style will be very similar to the 2005 sky blue, 2006 sunleaf, and 2007 iris edition, but with a different SECRET color scheme (perhaps still a mystery to me as you read this). It will be a vibrant color with a 50% wash swirling behind a black logo as in previous editions. See the 2006 and 2005 and more recent T2T photo pages for views of previous years' colors.
  • IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE MYSTERY COLOR, DON'T OPEN IT. I will help you sell it to someone else or will buy it back if unopened and unworn. We have people wanting to buy the 2005, 2006 and 2007 jerseys still (I have 1 XL Sleeveless in the Iris edition), so it should not be a problem. I think this year's will be in great demand once people see it.
  • Side bands under the arms and trim where fabric tends to get stained are still black with white writing to look great for years to come.
  • Three-pockets to carry your stuff and a longer back shirt-tail to cover your goods...same cut as in previous years.
  • "grateful to be skateful" slogan on front with "skateylove yes!" and "a celebration of skating" accents.
  • No commercial logos (except the manufacturer's required identifiers).
  • Order SHORT sleeves for style or NO sleeves for cooling as you wish...or get one of each.
  • These are honestly my favorite jerseys for comfort by far. The fabric is soft and durable with great wicking, and the SUPERSWEET hidden 19" zipper gives you great control over temperature and ventilation.
  • These are club fit, not race fit, but if you are in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one.
  • See the size hints in the dropdowns for help on the correct fit.
  • Roadskater.net team members (and other local folk) receive their jerseys in person in Greensboro in time for the Tour to Tanglewood hopefully (can't guarantee). All others mailed soon thereafter.
  • No pressure! This is OPTIONAL for the team and AVAILABLE to the world.
  • The total price is the same as last year and includes shipping and handling in the USA if not hand-delivered.
  • Shipping to Canada, UK, Germany and elsewhere will at cost via Global Priority flat rate envelope or other service.
  • For details, except color, please ask: B L A K E @ R O A D S K A T E R . N E T

Skateylove, Blake

click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2008 NO sleeves jerseyRSNJ2008NOSL$58
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2008 SHORT sleeves jerseyRSNJ2008SHSL$58


Tour to Tanglewood Day 1 Start/Day 2 Finish Volvo Trucks NA
7900 National Service Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 55.1316" N, 79° 58' 1.1784" W


MikeB's picture

RSN-wear extra deals in negotiation

Order your RSN-wear ASAP. Roadskater.net is counting on YOU! Be a part of the RSN phenomenon. Be on the ground floor of the RSN movement. Now's the time to "represent." I'm currently in negotiation with the President and CEO of Roadskater.net to expand the marketing ideas and RSN-wear offers. Nothing is concrete yet but look for these additional offers to come soon: * buy one and get a 2nd one too * buy one of each and get a 3rd one of your choice with no additional hassle, except for one more "add to cart" click * no matter how many you purchase per order, all the shipping charges will be on that same statement * no documentation fees * no hidden charges that enroll you in some obscure magazine you never intended on ordering (e.g. Guns and Gardens) * use the secret code word Rush when placing your order to receive the same great pricing * plus other great offers in the works......
roadskater's picture

Roadskater.net Jersey Deadline Update

Ha! MikeB there's no chance on those bonus deals except if you buy one you'll get one, and if you buy two, you'll get two...no extras, except every jersey does come with an infinite amount of skateylove, yes! to be given away freely forever and wherever you go. Because of the supersweet 19" zipper and the supersoft jersey material (and the inclusive nature of this product, ha!), our price is a bit higher. I try not to lose or profit on these after all fees and expenses, including shipping to me and from me, paypal fees, anything else. As the years go on we'll populate the skate packs and bike rides with an array of vibrant colors of nature, and eventually some subtly muted tones, perhaps! See the original post for any updates on the ordering deadlines, and good luck to all. Skateylove, y'all... roadskater
Bryan's picture

That's a shame; my

That's a shame; my subscription to Guns and Gardens just ran out this month. Oh well, no RSN jersey for me then.
roadskater's picture

Better Homes & Ammo

I always get that confused with Better Homes & Ammo. We may have hit on new crosstopical magazine trends. How about RV Guide. Warts Illustrated. This is starting to sound like Mad Magazine. [Bryan jests; he's on the list for the mystery 2008 edition, at least until he sees it.]
MikeB's picture

I'll bring you an issue or two this weekend

Hockey tourney has me in Wilm,NC from 7/18 - 7/20 mid afternoon.  I'll bring my inlines in case time permits getting together and roll a few miles in your "hood."


MikeB's picture

offers abound

"Ha! MikeB there's no chance on those bonus deals except if you buy one you'll get one, and if you buy two, you'll get two..." ......Exactly my methodology. My "offers" were vaguely worded so as to create the mindset of super duper extra value when in fact it's the same offer as any regular order. When a jersey comes with 'skatey-love' bundled in at no additional cost, what more can a skater ask for? (we'll talk about the buy 3 get a free garmin offer - I hadn't run that by you yet. No need to answer now. You can sleep on it.) ;-)

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