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Our lord Stanley's cup

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Not really about inline skating, well there is skating in it, but I will probably be the only one cheering for Edmonton starting this monday.  I dont want to jinx them or anything but, GO OILERS!!!!




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Carolina Hurricanes! Skating Indeed!

OK, Craig! We can handle you pulling for Ottawa and all that, but Edmonton? Yikes, that's way away from here and as much as it might be hard for you to pull for anyone from North Carolina, I don't think there's anyone from NC on the team, right? Bunch of Canadians, East Europeans and all that, eh? Arrgh! Welcome to Amerika, one and all!

But it's hard to beat a hockey uni with weather symbols on it, you must admit. the twisty 'cane and the gale warning flags are too cool. Methinks timv has the 'cane warning symbol on his helmet still. We'll have to see what haps. I admit I've only seen one of the games leading up to this, but I'm ready to watch some if it's on where food is offered!

I doubt much will make broadcast tv, and I've given up the cable tv (mostly for the better though I miss having Braves games on while I work at night). I've noticed there's a ton of stuff I don't really miss that used to get my attention. 

OK yes indeed hockey is definitely skating. Amazing skating! And we'll have to include some stuff here about that. Good point!

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Broadcast TV & sports

I was also worried about the World Cup not being shown at all on broadcast TV (I don't have cable either). But then I remembered Univision! Yay. These guys can already hardly contain themselves in anticipation. Gonna be brushing up on Spanish in the next few weeks by default.

Not sure if it's appropriate to post a link that will expire on a long-lasting forum but here goes...(I'll delete it if it's a bad idea)

Univision's TV schedule of world-cup matches...


I tried to come up with an intelligent comment on the Stanley Cup, but alas, after going to the NHL site and yahoo! Sports, I'm still none the wiser! It's the best of 7 games between Edmonton & Carolina? Does that mean that if Carolina wins the next 2 games, that's it?

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> But then I remembered Univision! Yay.


Plus you get to hear Andrés Cantor's famous play-by-play calls! That alone makes it worthwhile. So how's your Spanish? I watched one of their preview shows two nights ago and was surprised at how much I could follow just knowing a few basic words like equipo, jugador, pelota, and partido.


> Does that mean that if Carolina wins the next 2 games, that's it?


If Carolina wins any 2 of the next 5, it's over. Or, you could say, Edmonton has to win 4 of the next 5 to get the cup. The next game is Saturday night in Edmonton, and will be on NBC instead of OLN. And Wednesday's game wasn't nearly as close as Monday's.

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A Bit Less of a Goal Sadly

timv's enthusiasm is unmistakeable as is that of the announcer of which he speaks (hark, anon, a voice i hear). however his original title, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll!!!!!!!, was a bit long without spaces to reside happily within the sidebar without breaking the style, so in a vote for style over substance, i edited the title, including it here in honor of his original enthusiasm. thanks to all for showing that skaters do care about other stuff! ha!
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RE: ¡¡¡¡Goooooaaaaalllll!!!!!

I love the exclamation points! My Spanish comprehension is sufficient right now to be in the futbol stadium, but I'm sure after the World Cup it'll be much better. Working for a German company, I've got the feeling the office is going to be empty for the duration!

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World Cup on Univision Broadcast

Thanks Elizabeth for this post! But this is seriously bad! I may not be able to work at all, as I can't follow too much just from the sound. Anyway, World Cup Soccer is ice hockey without the skates and ice, right? Or rather the other way around I guess. We'll call this an InlineCafe response, or a great cross-training idea, and that's great. I've added the channel back in to my favorites on my tv (i had taken it out because i did not want to get involved in a soap opera in a language i can't understand) so bring it on! In honor of world cup I will work on flags for countries of visitors on the site...uhh...among so many other things partially done.
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Soccer or ice hockey as cross training!

I don't recommend Soccer for cross-training for skating, unless you like skating with broken bones (speaking from personal experience...never again!). From what I hear, ice hockey is probably about the same.


Sure you can keep working Blake...just listen out for the commentator's screams!

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Alright Oilers, kick some

Alright Oilers, kick some hockey bootae!!!!!!!!


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Not the only one

Craig, you won't be the only one cheering for Edmonton. Maggie will be too.


TSN's prognosticating primate is predicting the Stanley Cup will be heading to Canada.


Maggie The Monkey spun her NHL playoff wheel last night and picked the underdog Edmonton Oilers to beat the Carolina Hurricanes in this year's championship. That would make the Oilers the first Canadian-based team to win the title since Montreal in 1993.

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Hurricanes Take 1-0 Stanley Cup Lead

Sounds like it was a messy one, and bad luck for Edmonton in goal. I read the New York Times account but haven't seen viddy. Of course the whole game doesn't hinge on the one play without the other goals, but it did with them. At this point if Edmonton wins it seems they'll be heroes, and if Carolina wins, it's only what's expected? Sounds like it was an interesting game. Anyone here see it?
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Re: Hurricanes Take 1-0 Stanley Cup Lead

I started watching when I got home from the park, so I saw most of the 2nd period and all of the 3rd. Crazy game! It was one of those games where it seemed like the clock just happened to run out while the Hurricanes were in the lead, not so much that they won it. Except that all their playoff games have been like that, and somehow they keep on winning each series playing that way.


Yes, tough break for Edmonton losing their goalie. The commentators mentioned that he was acquired in a deadline trade at the start of March, I'm supposing because the two goalies that they had were playing so poorly, and that neither of them have played (much? any?) since then. But so often you see players step up and play brilliantly in situations like this, so I'm not counting it as a done deal for the Canes just yet.

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Re: Hurricanes Take 1-0 Stanley Cup Lead

Thanks for the info on the game and the background on the goalie situation. I hate it for both teams that a major injury happens in the first game, but hey, it's a tough sport, eh? Sometimes I just watch those guys skate and don't even see the puck. It's amazing what they do. I know one time Wayne, the coach then at SkatelandUSA, put a ball or puck out and gave us hockey sticks during speed practice. I came really close to killing myself going after that ball like one of Craig's shelties going for a tennis ball. It's amazing how you can forget you're on skates (and heading toward a wall) when going after some external object. There's some primordial chasing food thing going on there perhaps! Anyway, I haven't looked at the TV schedule but I might enjoy combining a Stanley Cup game with food and drink if anyone wants to do that. Email or post to InlineNC if interested. Blake

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