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Outdoor Skating Oval Opens, Weather Permitting, Halifax NS Canada

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Oohwee! Outdoor ice oval in Halifax for the Canada Games open to the public, weather permitting! Here's a great quick read about the opening of the big ice on Halifax Commons, mainly for a dose of excitement about speed skating from our northern neighbors. Interesting that a guy got elected there without skating for 40 years, and that bike helmets are not allowed on the ice, only ones designed for skating. Interesting. Perhaps it's about the aero shape on the back of the head on lots of helmets? In any case, thank you, Canada, for loving skating so well and thoroughly!


'Big ice' open for public skates - TheChronicleHerald.ca -

'Big ice' open for public skates
The oval officially opened to the public at 6 pm on the North Common, which will be the scene of speedskating triumphs when the Games start in February. ...

and more »

[Speedskating & Speedskaters]


Halifax Common
Cogswell St and Robie St
44° 38' 59.9496" N, 63° 35' 20.3064" W


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Halifax Oval Popularity Continues, With Some Fundraising, Too

We are following developments up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and hoping events go well and that the 400m oval will become a fixture on the Common! Congrats to all involved as the first speedskating races have begun...

Haligonians have stepped aside this weekend to let the experts take over on the Canada Games speedskating oval.

Competitors in the Canadian masters open long track speedskating championship and a Canada Games test event are cutting up the ice on the North Common outdoor oval, which has been getting extensive use from recreational skaters since it opened just before Christmas.



People in favour of keeping the oval beyond this winter have donated $2,000 to the cause so far, and the Save The Oval campaign plans to make a major push on Tuesday to convince people who have signed their on-line petition — 7,700 people as of Friday — to make a donation. 

eebee's picture


I knew about Glaswegians and Liverpudlians, and now I know about Haligonians! I also now know, but will probably forget again, that these are demonyms, albeit unconventional.

A resident of Aquascalientes in Mexico is called a Hidrocàlido. Looks peculiar at first but basically describes the same thing.

roadskater's picture


I guess those are all demonyms, like Milton created pandaemonium from all demons. Anyway, when I first saw Haligonians I thought they were footie freaks (soccer hooligans). I didn't know the term, demonyms, so thanks, and thanks for the entertaining example from Mexico! I spend a lot of time getting myself into and out of hidrocalido methinks!

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