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Oxford to Cambridge Roadskate Video & Route (MapMyRide)

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Here's a link to a video of a British Heart Foundation skride that one of our new English A2A paceline buddies skated two weeks prior. He and David skated much of A2A together.

The Oxford to Cambridge skride is 89 miles, and I hadn't realized how close to my old home they must've skated until I saw them tackling the cattle-grates at Woburn Abbey. Woburn Abbey is a stately home turned safari park, with all kinds of zoo animals roaming wild through the road safari section: zebra, elephants, lions, tigers, primates, camels, buffalo...

There's even a section called Tiger Woods.

Here's a mapmyride.com entry of the route. No wonder Paul at A2A said it was hilly! They must've gone across, or close to, Dunstable Downs.


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Paul and David Tried to Wait

I remember skating with those two before Dacula (mile 38), and we had a small group at that point. They were trying to wait for us, but were at a slightly faster pace. When we got to Dacula, they were clearly waiting for us to leave with us again. It was a really nice gesture, and Paul even said something to the effect of hey in spite of us going off the front we'd like to group up again. Well, that was nice but they were in better shape that day clearly, and I may have overexerted a bit at points to try to keep with them. In any case, it was fun to be with them several times during the day. I wish I had been a bit stronger and faster! Oh well. Another year in the books! So would you say the Oxford to Cambridge skate is more, or less, hilly than Athens to Atlanta?
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Those boys are nuts

The video was excellent. Nicely done, but those boys are bloody nuts. 89 miles - no helmets, no gloves, and in jeans.....that is unbelievable. Hats off to them, what a superb effort.

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