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Paceline Bicycles Greensboro NC 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

roadskater's picture

The Paceline Bicycles Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride was hot and beautiful, with Greensboro in bloom in shades of fuchsia and white and more. Most of the roads were great but some of north Greensboro's newer traffic seems to be in a very big hurry in their very big vehicles, even on Saturday morning. We did our best to share skateylove but it was difficult when cars were honking at cyclists near us who were making their way fine along the hilly two-lane roads. Most of the Triad seems to share the road well, but sadly, the north side of my town is a bit embarrassing sometimes. I hope this will improve as the roads improve and perhaps as shoulders are added where needed, or HPV lanes. The Greensboro Police did a great job of helping us get out from the bike shop, and amazingly, helping us get back in along a short section of Battleground Avenue. Excellent! Thank you! Perhaps more thoughts later, but for now, here are the photos:



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