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Paceline Bicycles, Greensboro NC Tour To Tanglewood for MS Free Bike Training Ride Inline Skate: August 8, 2009

roadskater's picture
2009.08.08 8:30 am
Part of a series of excellent free skrides (bike rides where skilled inline skaters are welcome) put on by the NC Central Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The rides are well-supported, marked, and free to all, including those who may not end up participating in the annual Tour to Tanglewood for MS (but you will love the training rides so much you'll be more likely to do the tour after trying most training rides). These rides are for beginners who've trained a little and everyone else on up to experts. SAG and rest stop and bike support team are great. These rides are often better than paid rides elsewhere. Give the tour a try! Sign-In starts at 7:30 a.m. and safety talk about 8:20 a.m. so be ready to roll even though official start is supposed to not be before 8:30 a.m. It's always good to catch a rest room on the way to the hosting shop instead of waiting on the longer lines for relief there. Paceline Greensboro is a nice enough route to begin with, but gets into good and familiar rolling hills north of Greensboro and gets better. It goes up into some parts of other training rides and of the Carolina Century, so it's nice hills and valleys over lakes and creeks and rivers. There are some spots we love to hate but are glad we made it up, and coming back we've typically had some police support at Battleground Avenue so we can try a spanky finish from Lowe's Hardware back to the shop or so. It's nice to be a hero, if briefly, and only in your own very small world or mind! You'll need a touch of urban skills but not quite as much braking tech on this one, with a bit of experience for the rolling hills of fun. Join us or come see us and wear your jersey and maybe help the skride rest stops or something if you'd like. We'd love to see you.


Paceline Bicycles Greensboro
2919 Battleground Avenue pacelinebicycles.com
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 540-0129
36° 6' 45.3888" N, 79° 50' 2.1804" W


MikeB's picture

Hate to miss this one

Unfortunately it conflicts with the TarWheels/BikeFest in Hillsborough. 30km/63km/100km. If the BikeFest skater count is too light then TTT trainer will win out.
roadskater's picture

4 Roadskaters Planning to Be at Paceline GSO Free Skride

It looks like eebee will be here, plus two escapees from indoor will be starting their roadskating season in earnest. One of our roadskater.net t2t team members has recently won age group gold in the nationals in the five lap and ten lap races, I believe, setting an age group record for the fiver methinks. We'll have to see what we can hear about it all this weekend. Paceline uses a good route and has had good police support even to the end when coming back onto Battleground for a brief sprint stint at the end of the ride. Come on out! It's free and support is always awesome.

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