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Paul's Cycling & Fitness, Winston Salem NC Tour To Tanglewood for MS Free Bike Training Ride Inline Skate: August 22, 2009

roadskater's picture
2009.08.22 8:30 am
Part of a series of excellent free skrides (bike rides where skilled inline skaters are welcome) put on by the NC Central Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The rides are well-supported, marked, and free to all, including those who may not end up participating in the annual Tour to Tanglewood for MS (but you will love the training rides so much you'll be more likely to do the tour after trying most training rides). These rides are for beginners who've trained a little and everyone else on up to experts. SAG and rest stop and bike support team are great. These rides are often better than paid rides elsewhere. Give the tour a try! Sign-In starts at 7:30 a.m. and safety talk about 8:20 a.m. so be ready to roll even though official start is supposed to not be before 8:30 a.m. It's always good to catch a rest room on the way to the hosting shop instead of waiting on the longer lines for relief there. Always an adventure and sometimes a surprise (and no, not always a good one), we still find lots to love in most of the routes Paul's in Winston-Salem has provided. Last year we had an amazing long downhill that was some of the best fun we could have on skates without feeling unsafe, some technical urban stuff that is hard to avoid given their starting location, and perhaps a route marking issue we never fully resolved (not sure if I have that one right, so unless I or someone else confirms, please don't count that yet). But after some challenges, coming back to Paul's is a kick on a somewhat busy but wide and safe final leg. It's Winston-Salem, so expect some hills, but it goes to the south side so you'll recognize some of the route most years from the tour or other sweet routes. Paul's has had their bad routes once or twice, but mostly the worst were several years ago and this is a good one (with a bit of extra focus on our part on the turn sheets and route markings and road surfaces and such). Still worth a nod if not our favorite, and important miles and experience for the tour. Also, they've been increasingly nice and supportive of skaters over the years and I think they've probably changed the route in some places to make it easier for skaters and those with fragile tires and rims. Bring your skills and attention, and you can grab some adrenaline on this one.


Paul's Cycling and Fitness
2405 Buchanan Street paulscyclingfitness.com
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 0.7752" N, 80° 15' 6.0048" W


JonathanS's picture

any one going

Any guess on the distance for this one? Or maybe last years distance? Also, who all is planning on going? I should be there. Hope to see any and all there.
roadskater's picture

I plan to be there

I think at least 2 of us should be there, but it's possible the 4 who were there at Clemmons may show up too. That'd be 8 skaters at least. This one's a good one once you get away from the shop a bit. In the old days there were some tricky road surfaces, but last year we went out with a police escort and that was cool (for those who started on time at least). Coming back in it was a busy road yes but better to be on that road than coming down a hill into it. Everything went fine. I remember there was a really sweet roll going out of town too...a nice long smooth fast safe one. Of course we got to climb later, but OK.
MikeB's picture

hmmm - let me think about it - may want to try it

Sounds like it could be a skatey-good time. I sure would like to partake, but always the driving time and possible weather issues play in the back of my mind. Can I leave it as a "we'll see?" But man, 6+ skaters would be really cool, and I owe JonathanS a ton of pulling for bringing me in at Tour de Lions. He pulled the last 7 since I was gassed.
roadskater's picture

Come on down if you can

I think I'll be there but weather could have an effect and if I were to skate too hard the day before that might zap me too, ha. But it's great stuff and free too, so I'll try to be there to see the team at the start and the tour folk afterward.

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