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Philly Free Skate

Philadelphia is always a fun skate.  Today's 10AM "Philly Free Skate" led by Doug was no exception.  While this was my only skate of the weekend event, it was well worth my hour trip into the city.  I don't know how many skaters were there, but I met folks from DC to Canada.  NYC was well represented and always a pleasure to see.

If the format/schedule for next year is similar, the event is intended for intermediate to advanced level skaters.  I believe a total of about 80 miles was planned for over the course of the weekend. 

Doug's skate was a series of short sprints that went through city streets, alley ways, parking lots, parks, and even a brewery with a free brew to top it off.  The Ben Franklin Bridge and its shade, the waterfront, the historic stops, and the murals made for a pleasant tour of the city on a perfect day . . . ah . . .

Looking forward to it next year . . . 


eebee's picture

Thanks for the Philly report

Sad we couldn't make it this year. But either I have time and no money, or a little money and no time (as was my case this year). I doubt I could have kept up with those little sprints, and stopping and starting, for long, though. I'm not used to that right now. I'm really bummed that I missed Miami this year, too, but that was a money issue, instead of a time one. You can't always get what you wa-aant,
GustavoAMH's picture

Philly Free Skate 2009

One of the best skate weekends in the United States, in spite of this year's rain. Thank you Philadelphia! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crqphLD48ng GustavoAMH

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