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Phone Call From Jack After Five Bypass Heart Surgery

roadskater's picture

I just got a call from Jack in the hospital after a couple of days recovery from his five-bypass heart surgery. He sounded great, and has a couple of family members there watching over. After a couple of days of rest, he's been walking laps in the hallways and sleeping, but is now open to phone calls and visits. He's in Room 2034 of Moses Cone Hospital at 336-832-7000, located at 1200 North Elm Street in Greensboro, just north of Wendover Avenue.

Jack has written elsewhere on rsn2.com...


...about his diagnosis, so I will leave that part out, and I hope he will be following up with his knowledge and experience once he's back on his fingertips online. Jack says emailing is fine but he won't have access until he returns home Friday.

For those who haven't met Jack, he's a veteran skater from the early days of skating the Tour to Tanglewood, and can be found in photos on roadskater.net for training rides and for some tours. He also took part in one of our wintertime night skates where he brought his mega power headlamp, a 12-volt operated 55-watt car headlamp (just one) powered by a hefty battery. I think he made some cars think twice that night, and I know I constantly thought a very quiet motorbike was dogging me! It was quite the experience, and I think this is one night we took video. This may also be the night we slid when we got to the bridge over the lake out near Owl's Roost as there was ice on the bridge. In any case, these are the memories, true or not all in one event or a blend of many, that I recall. Skating late at night when it is flurrying is a nice bit of fun.

Good luck Jack and feel free to post to InlineNC, rsn2, email, call or visit, Jack says.




timv's picture

Jack's Recovery

Thanks for passing that along, Blake. It's great to hear that Jack is doing well and that he felt up to calling to check in with the skating crew.


And to your comments about Jack as a skater, I'll add that he's always been whippet-thin, very careful about what he ate and breathed (never wanting to go any place where there might be cigarette smoke in the air) and extremely fit. With the exception maybe of one season when Craig Mattice was going particularly well, Jack has always been able to skate away from anyone else in our bunch whenever he cared to--despite being 10 years older than the next eldest.


So I guess the moral here is not to think that our clean lifestyles and athletic prowess will make any of us immune to heart disease. (Though it seems likely, and think one of the doctors commented to Jackon this , that the amount of arterial blockage he had produced only minor discomfort for him, and not a full-out heart attack as it might have in someone less fit.)


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