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Photos of the 37th Annual Carolina Cup Bicycle Races 2009 in Greensboro Country Park Greensboro NC

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After an awesome Saturday morning roadskating the improved course for the 43-mile route of the Bicycle Toy & Hobby Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride in High Point, sleeping late Sunday was nice. But we knew the Carolina Cup Bicycle Races were going on at Greensboro Country Park, so we got going and made it up in time for the last three big events. I also had a phone call related to the NC Active Transportation Alliance (http://ncactive.org), so for a while I was on the phone and photographing at the same time. Yowee.

My photos are not made with fancy equipment, but I hope you'll enjoy them. I turned off the flash and lived with the blur, because I usually don't care for the flash pics so much. Later in the day I should have stayed on the sunny side of the park, perhaps, but I did the best I could with it...and maybe could have turned on the flash for that part.

I took 1,233 photos, and am presenting 610 that I hope you'll enjoy. Some that have blur are included because I thought them interesting, others to show placement in the packs (especially the lead packs), others to show the time gap of the chasers (the photos have the time coded into the name, down to the second...the names are off by ~3 seconds vs. atomic clocks, but the time data has been corrected in the EXIF data methinks). Still other shots were included in case someone might want the photo of themselves even if much of the rest of it is blurred, and I thought they might not have another good one in the set.

I took my Garmin Forerunner 305 to the park and wore it as we walked two laps, taking photos, yakkin', and eating some sandwiches from Panera (yum). If you want to know where the photos were taken, the GPS info is in the EXIF data, and I've done a 3D Google Earth Map with small versions of the photos on the map (click them and they get a little bigger, but look at the Roadskater.net Classic site for the full-sized images...link for which see below).

I don't think I'll make the usual 2D map as I was just walking (and yakkin') and in the opposite direction of usual travel for wheeled travelers in Greensboro Country Park. Another day, I'll do a few maps of the park for fun.

The full-sized photos are here...

The Google Earth 3D route thumbnail map (for my walking and photographing, showing where the photos were taken) is here...

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