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Photos and Maps for Clemmons Bicycle Clemmons NC 2009 Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate

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I managed to get up and out and on the road to Clemmons in good enough time, considering I had lots more going on with jersey discussions with the artist, a board meeting and general membership meeting of the NCActive.org group (NCATA), a possible trip to Georgia on my mind, and more to consider, including the Tour to Tanglewood finish line and Carolina Century volunteer arrangements. So I grabbed the Cafe Bustelo and Oatmeal with dried cranberries and rushed out the door. I was looking forward to the Clemmons Bicycle ride because it's my favorite mid-thirty-mile course among the T2T training rides. It's fun, challenging, mostly not on busy roads, and requires little technical skill other than being at ease going fast down a few hills (still under 40mph, especially alone). I was glad to see four roadskaters, but wasn't sure I would be keeping up with everyone, especially while taking photos and such. So I was set for a whole day alone and anything spent with others would be nice. I needed to get photos for the tour to use if they need them, so I got up near the front and took some of the 50-mile crowd, then ducked in to get some pics on the road and let the others catch and pass me. By the time we turned left over the train tracks, we were all together for the first hill, then I was wanting to take things easy so the group of four rolled on with wonderful momentum. It was a beautiful sight to see! At the first rest stop I caught up, and we left together, but quickly lost Kim and Amy, who were doing the 18-miler. So I kept up briefly with Mike and Steve, but really didn't want to burn my candles too early and the numbers on my wrist said there was embryo time in my future if I didn't back off just a bit. I was averaging 162 and I can usually sustain 158, maybe 160, but usually after the hours are over, it's 158. So I knew to not let it go higher, and at the second rest stop it would come back in range. The first rest stop was in the same place as the year before and they still had no cups or Gatorade. This would be a great place to have some Gatorade because many, especially beginners, don't drink enough beforehand, but by the time they're out a few miles they realize the mistake. I hope Clemmons Bicycle will make the investment next year. The second rest stop, with Tour rest stop heroes Val and Elaine, was amazing as always. Kiwi and watermelon and bananas and Skaterade and peanut butter sandwiches and cookies and smiles got me back on the road. When I was at rest stop two I wondered how long the guys had come through ahead of me, but nobody remembered seeing any other skaters. I thought maybe they skipped the rest stop and took the medium route home. Later I found out they had taken the Saddles and Spokes arrows (yellow and blue) to be for us (yellow and white), so they headed down Gus Hill Road and that is not fun for anyone, especially a skater. When next I saw them, Mike had dropped an axle out by Gus Hill and had a wheel roll into a ditch I guess, but whatever the case he was 7-wheelin' it. I heard they were behind me and when I was at the third stop, they came in as I was about ready to roll out. I waited on them despite knowing I'd be dropped again despite their protestations, as I was feeling very happy about larding it back. but we had some good times coming back in, and we went down the fast hill from old tour routes, back down Doc Davis Road I think it is. So they guys drifted off the front as I encouraged them to do if they'd like, and at one point along the way I saw them pull off to let some cars go by. I rolled on, not wanting to face yet one more drop, and I guess they took it easy coming in as I didn't see them until we were back at the shop. Clemmons Bicycle improved over last year by keeping the third rest stop open later into the day, but they also had no Gatorade and no cups that I could see. Thankfully one of the Bicycle Response Team gave me some Gatorade, and I would have been fine without it, but I benefited from it, methinks. The Clemmons Bicycle SAG driver was great, and while I was alone out in the wind much of the day, it was nice to see him come by now and then and wave and ask if everything was OK, not like he expected it wasn't, but just in case. Perfect! Drivers were great almost all the day, and I guess the only road I didn't enjoy traffic wise was Old Salisbury Road, but even that was fine, and I was having more trouble with hills than traffic, ha! My trusty Garmin Forerunner 305 was great, but I did accidentally pause it for a few miles, which I should have realized sooner than I did (I have the screens autorotate and when they stop rotating it's not running!). So there's a dropout in the 3D and 2D maps, and I had to place some of the photos manually on the Google Earth 3D view. In any case, it was a great ride, and afterward the Tour folk asked if I'd like to go with them to see the new Tour to Tanglewood finish line. Well sure I did! And it looks super. It's brand new smooth asphalt and slightly downhill to a glorious finish. I coasted down the hill and was rolling about 22mph without any effort, so it'll be possible to really just cruise in on Saturday at the tour. Excellent. There's a bandshell of sorts out in a field that's very near the river (which I have yet to get a good view of, either there, or at the Idols dam near the railway tracks we crossed on the route). It's going to be a great spot for the Tanglewood festivities, I think, and I was glad they invited me along to see it. I hope to post the video soon. After all of this, it was really too late and I was too zapped to make it to Charlotte or to Georgia, so I spent some more time on handshakes and hugs and asking for some volunteers for the Carolina Century on October 24. Val and Elaine and Mike and Law are all committed, so that's a good start at the rest stop help we need. I think we'll have some Bicycle Response Team support too, but can't promise that yet. Regardless, we'll have an awesome bike ride and roadskate for you with ten hours of support if you need it for a long slow century! Last year we had over 65 participants, and we hope for more! More details soon at carolinacentury.com. It was a great day of skating and while I think my head was windblown (I kept saying to Val and Dennis, "I'm talking so loud! I think I'm still hearing the wind!" They said no, I wasn't talking loud, just being weird.) Obviously it's fun to skate with others and to be able to rotate, have some discussions and share some quiet rolling time, but the cyclists were plenty nice along the way, and I felt completely safe on my own, just like I'd like someone else to pull now and then so I could hide in their windshadow! I had expected slightly more negative attention from cars when alone, but to be honest, I think only two cars seemed the least bit annoyed, and an amazing number of drivers were downright friendly. I think it helps to wave (not wave them by) and give a quick look when you hear them back there, but for whatever reasons, things went great. I want to thank Clemmons Bicycle for hosting, and despite my suggestions, I really appreciate their support and this awesome route. It's so beautiful, and it incorporated roads with many memories from previous Clemmons rides and Tours to Tanglewood. Clemmons Bicycle has been really friendly to skaters, so I'm already looking forward to next year. I ended up with about 750 photos and have cut it down to 475! Be sure to check out the red and black spider and the blue and black butterfly (blurred but nice) near the end. I hope you enjoy the photos and maps, and if you do, please let me know. Sometimes I think about giving up, so if you get anything from them, it helps me to know it. Thanks for sharing the road! Photos: http://roadskater.net/photos/clemmons-bicycle-2009-tour-to-tanglewood-tr-nc-bike-ride-inline-skate/index.htm 3D Google Earth route map (with thumbnails...some data missing but follow the photos on the route): http://roadskater.net/photos/clemmons-bicycle-2009-tour-to-tanglewood-tr-nc-bike-ride-inline-skate/20090815-clemmons-bicycle.kmz 2D speed map (slow is red; fast is magenta; use dropdown to select another map type): http://roadskater.net/photos/clemmons-bicycle-2009-tour-to-tanglewood-tr-nc-bike-ride-inline-skate/20090815-clemmons-bicycle.htm


Clemmons Bicycle
2703 Lewisville Clemmons Rd
Clemmons, North Carolina
United States
36° 1' 22.7892" N, 80° 22' 55.272" W
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