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Photos and Maps for Paceline Bicycles Greensboro Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate 2009 Plus Country Park

roadskater's picture

We had five Roadskater.net skaters and at least one Roadskater.net cyclist at the Greensboro Paceline Bicycles training ride for T2T. It was a nice day out with no rain but plenty of shade for much of the time. All five of us went for the longer, 29-mile, option, wishing for a bit more, even.

We stayed together much of the day, but as Ken's skates started to hurt more, eebee and I stuck with him until it became clear that doing the rest of the skride would hurt his training more than help it by keeping him from doing more for a week or two from blisters. The Bike Response Team came by to help, and Ken did the very smart but hard to do thing by catching a ride. He was definitely eager to continue even through the great pain, but I think after some more heat molding and some blister healing, he'll be back sooner and stronger for it. Paceline had a nice route (though we enjoy being on NC 150 a bit less if possible) and they were mighty nice to us roadskaters, which we appreciate. Check out the 335 photos here...


For those who love the Google Earth thumbnail map, check this out...Oh yeah don't forget to look under Places/Temporary Places and open the plus sign beside the folder with the skride name. You'll see Images and Tracks. Highlight the tracks folder and an icon with a "folder" and a triangular "play" button. Click that and you'll take a flight along the route. You can see a slideshow of the images by highlighting the Images folder and clicking the play folder icon. You can change options using Tools/Options/Touring. Oh yes, you might want to get the latest version of Google Earth if all this is not making sense.


For something simpler, try the 2D speedmap of the route, showing our speed in various colors. Red is stopped and magenta is maxfast....


After the skride we went to a deli to see some of the people who rode along with us, but it was pretty packed so we overate elsewhere. We spent some time hanging around at Country Park, too, watching the car show participants make their exit from the park, quietly or not!

Then we watched this green leaf-like worm making his way along the sandy dirt in front of the bench where we slurred and almost slumbered our way along, cool drinks in hand. Funny how I didn't bother taking photos of the cars, but the worm was worth a trip to the car, easily.

Then one of my old pals from early skating days was out there briefly. He didn't skate but he saw me fall many times in my earliest skateydays. We saw him almost every day back then. It was great to see him again and eebee enjoyed meeting him and hearing his wonderful stories told in such happy tones. We laughed how he had once told me that when I fell on the long downhill I "rolled like a banana!" I always that a very economical and truthful comment, full of the potential danger and ultimate humor of that particular buttburger incident. He showed us a photo of long ago times when he was in military service in Korea, only one of many interesting places he has visited. It was a great moment to stand with him and have our photo made together. I hope he'll be out to see us again often in the park. 

By the end of the day, we were thinking we should do a little more skating, so we did about 10 miles at Country Park. Our heart rates were super low, probably because we had skated earlier that day and were a little fatigued from that (and the overeating!). I actually felt stronger than I expected, unlike very early in the day, in the first few miles especially, where I had not felt awake yet. I still wasn't any faster, but I felt OK going up the microhills of Country Park.


Paceline Bicycles Greensboro
2919 Battleground Ave
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 6' 45.3888" N, 79° 50' 2.1804" W

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