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Photos and Maps for Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate 2009

roadskater's picture
Here are the links to the photos and maps for the Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride and Inline Skate 2009.

We had a great time and as usual I took a ton of photos and now am a bit too tired to write anything yet!

450 photos...

3d Google Earth map with thumbnails...

2d topo speed route map...

Here's a relevant search for "Paceline Bicycles" AND Winston...


Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem
5005 Country Club Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
36° 5' 4.3044" N, 80° 20' 53.3076" W


eebee's picture

What a picture!

Can anybody think of a great caption here...?


JonathanS's picture

Stupid hooves!  Won't stay

Stupid hooves!  Won't stay on those...blasted...pedals!  And these thighs were so born for the open road!
roadskater's picture

There's Roadskater. Hmm. What Color Will This Year's Jersey Be?

I think he's thinking "Hmm, roadskater looks fine in that Tangerine/Pyrocantha sleevless and eebee's pretty in sleeveless Iris, but why didn't she wait instead of going up that hill without roadskater? And by the way, what bright color from nature will this year's jersey be? It's bound to be so late he'll do it in a mad hurry again, ha! Stupid human! I used to be like that, but now I can sit and watch it all go by. All I have to do is get a haircut, wing trim, and pedicure and I'm supergood to go."
eebee's picture

Caption fun

Ha ha! Although that's a pretty bad wing-to-concrete ratio! Maybe this is how rest-stop volunteers feel, waiting on me & Roadskater to finally show up.
skatey-mark's picture

this year's jersey color...

So far, we have: Blue, Green, Violet, Orange... If we consider the ROYGBV rainbow colors, that leaves red and yellow. Some variation of red is probably a good contender. (Maroon perhaps?) Yellow might be tricky just because it's not a very high-contrast color when paired with white (like the previous jerseys.) Or maybe we'll get something completely different? You just never know! :-) - SM -

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