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Photos and Maps for Tour de Kale 2009 Denton Farm Park NC 60K Charity Bike Ride Inline Skate

roadskater's picture
Tour de Kale 2009 was hot and hilly and absolutely wonderful countryside joyous torture! The people who volunteer are really great to skaters (and cyclists and runners), and this is one we find money for even when times are tight. We passed up a free T2T training ride to do Tour de Kale, and you know how much we love T2T free skrides. Tour de Kale has no technical spots for anyone who can handle 40 max on skates. The hills all have safe runouts, many intersections have fire truck support, and the whole town seems to be helping one way or the other with Tour de Kale. The route is great countryside, the road support is awesome, rest stops are great, and the finish line pampering can't be beat. Next year I will get barbecue (that's pulled pork cooked over a wood fire for those who think it means a hamburger cooked on a grill), because I had a small sample at the end of the day and wow it was incredible. The chicken I had was good, but not like that barbecue! More notes later, maybe, but just let me say this is a great event and we would like all the Roadskater.net folk to show for this one. It is a great reality check at the cusp of Spring and Summer that says, get real, you have T2T and A2A and Carolina Century coming so get ready. 320 photos of Tour de Kale 2009 3d thumbnail route map 2d speed route map (use drop down to change map style)


Tour de Kale at Denton Farm Park
1072 Cranford Rd
Denton, North Carolina
United States
35° 35' 22.7616" N, 80° 4' 10.0344" W
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