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Photos and Maps for Tour to Tanglewood 2009 Bike Ride & Inline Skate for MS Greensboro to Clemmons NC

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After much dry weather, the Piedmont finally got rain in the days leading up to and including the 2009 version of the Tour to Tanglewood. The source of a few dropouts and mishaps, the rain failed to drench the spirits of most who chose to skate or ride. For myself, I would be wet with sweat or wet with rain, and the rain was cooler and cleaner! I struggled with low light and moving subjects (and moving cameraperson huffing on skates), taking 2,166 photos in the two days plus the dinner on the eve of the event. Whew. I have reduced that to 1,315, and now roadskater.net classic (rsn1.net is the shortcut) is over 30,000 photos. My apologies for the blurs and focus problems in some photos, but I wanted to give as many people a memory of their days in the rain as I could...no matter how fuzzy. It turns out that rough roads and low light make for jittery camera shots. It couldn't be ME that's the problem! Anyway, I hope you love some of the photos.




The 3D route map with thumbnails needs a little work on the route track, and it's a huge file, but go get it if you want to (you'll need Google Earth to use it).



Tour to Tanglewood Start/Finish
7900 National Service Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 56.9172" N, 79° 58' 4.6344" W


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Terrific Photos of 2009 TTT

Thank you for such a comprehensive photo log. Perhaps an 8gb memory card s/b on your birthday wish list?? Some of the finish line gallery mentioned they got good pics of 5 triumphant Roadskaters coming across the line on Day 2. Hopefully those photos will make their way to you for a later posting.

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