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Pick your Inline Skate Races for 2009

eebee's picture
Has anybody decided which skate 'races', events or marathons they are going to orient their training towards in 2009? Some that come to mind: Texas Roadrash, 24 Hr Roller Montreal, Napa Valley Marathon, Chicagoland Inline Marathon, Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, MS BB&T Tour to Tanglewood, NYC Marathon, NYC 100k, St. Paul Inline Marathon, Northshore...etc. Actually there are loads to pick from if you have the time and money for traveling and event fees. Since reading Joe Friel's two books on training and nutrition, I've been pondering the concept of A, B, and C races or events. I've concluded that the T2T training rides will probably make up most of my C events, because although they are 'just' training rides and I'm not going to go all out, I don't want to bonk or perform badly at any of them. The Best Laid Training Plans of Mice and Salmon... My training-year usually ends up resembling a salmon flinging itself up a waterfall, and this post makes me sound more diligent than I really am, but I'm interested in any new events others are contemplating, as well as those events people feel lost without each year and would cry if they were canceled.


MikeB's picture

2009 events on the calendar

You are absolutely correct that now is the time to get skating events on the calendar. So far I have: May 3rd = Raven Rock Ramble in Apex, NC May 16th = Tour de Lions in Climax, NC June 20th = Tour de Kale in Denton, NC July 25th = Cup-N-Cone in Apex, NC although your thought on the Chicago Inline Marathon July 25th and 26th is very intriguing (my old stompin' grounds). August 8th = BikeFest in Hillsborough, NC Sept. 26th & 27th = Tour to Tanglewood Oct. 10th = Tour de Pig in Lexington, NC although this conflicts w/ A2A November = Carolina Century ??? Other events might sneak in there and hopefully good weather will prevail. SkateyMark compiled a very good 2009 list: http://roadskater.net/2009-inline-skate-calendar-events-roadskaternet-co...
eebee's picture

Decisions, decisions!

Skatey-Mark's compilation is very good, and I intended to enter them here as events so they'd show up in the left-hand column, but I got overwhelmed and fled that project. So thanks for the reminders! It's especially interesting to me to hear what events people are making their priority. I've never done Tour de Pig but I've seen the hat and heard great stories :-). However, A2A is an event by the skaters for the skaters. I hope you get some draft-buddies for RRR!
MikeB's picture

need more draft buds at RRR

I think just two Pullers so far......c'mon people.  30 bucks - Tshirt, excercise, charitable donation and lunch....nice deal
skart's picture

My schedule

I am doing TRR and NSIM for sure. TRR is a B race for me - it's a nice venue and a great event but it's just too early in the season to be peaking. NSIM is always an A race. I wanted to do Skate of the Union as an A race also but, since they moved the event from the middle of June to a week before NSIM, if I do it, it is going to be mostly for fun and as a tune up for the Northshore marathon. I am probably going to do most of Eastern Seaboard Series races as they are fairly close and I could drive there. They all are going to be C races for me, done mostly for experience and race simulations. I am also thinking about doing the Chicagoland marathon as my A race in place of the Skate of the Union. This will require adjusting my training schedule but I think I could manage that. And I love Chicago! :-) Anyway, I really hope to be able to race in 5-7 events this season but, due to some uncertainties in non-skating life, I might be limited to only two :-) Oh, and T2T and A2A are very much on my mind :-)
eebee's picture

Skate of the Union

Oh, and T2T and A2A are very much on my mind :-)

Hopefully they'll stay on your mind until they're on your calendar!

Thanks for the comment. It's good to hear what races other people prefer. I looked up Skate of the Union. It looks like a shorter race: lots of laps at top speed. Cool that they have a "3 mile roll" for beginners. Maybe a good way to recruit new skaters.  

MikeB's picture

ditto on "S of U"

Thank you for mentioning this one Skart - it's new to me and looks intriguing + isn't too far..............will have to put this one on the 'maybe' list. 
skatey-mark's picture

My likely events

I probably won't make Raven Rock Ramble this year...  It's the day after the Raleigh BeerFest, so I don't think I'll be capable of getting up early and skating the day afterward....  ;-)


Tour de Lions - yes

Tour de Kale - maybe...  It's the same weekend as the Philly Free Skate, which I'd like to go to.

Cup 'n Cone - yes

BikeFest - definitely

Northshore - maybe...  Depends on my training

Tour to Tanglewood - definitely

Athens to Atlanta - definitely

Defi Montreal - maybe...  it would be a little rough doing it a week after A2A, so probably not.  but you never know...

Carolina Century - depends on the date, but will do it if it doesn't conflict with any other plans


- SM - 

JonathanS's picture

Sure things

So far my plans are to do the tour de lions and the A2A. My wife wants to ride her bike in the tour de lions. Any other events are a far fetched maybe. Well just have to see what school turns out like. Jonathan S

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