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Picking Skating Cycling Jersey Colors and Design Elements

roadskater's picture

I gave the first hints of the secret color in..."Sunlight on Leaves to Go with Late Day Sky Through Thin Cloud"


This is all stuff begging for satire, "Early Morning Bull to go with Evening Puffery," so there! But I will say the guiding principles were to keep continuity of design and compatibility of color for now. I considered other options, but in the end it came down to being a choice that to me was "the color of sunlight on leaves," to go with the color last year, which to me was "the color of the late day sky" specifically through a thin periwinkle cloud. Ha! For real!

I knew that we'd have some jerseys from both years, so I wanted them to go together. So I thought what goes better with the sky when skating but the trees just below? And I thought "What could be better than seeing the trees and sky in the paceline ahead of us?", and "What could be better for others, than to see the trees and sky rolling down the road together in front of and below the trees and sky?"

These are colors that have healed me as I rolled through pain into joy so many days with so much good company.

Other guiding principles were:

  • black trim to match the most modest color of shorts (by request from many)
  • black underarms
  • black logo so spills stain the shirt not the main logo
  • light but bright shoulders and body for coolness
  • strong contrast between black and bright color
  • slightly off the primary or secondary colors, and not the usual safe choices
  • logos visible in tight head shots if zipped
  • logos visible in side view shots
  • logos visible low under Camelbak and at the "touch" spot
  • main logo visible in facing start line shots
  • bright spot color close to a triad away from body color (same both years)
  • logos as design elements

So that's what was running round my brain during it all. This year the issues were mainly with timeline, orders, sizing due to possible pattern changes, and getting the space for "to be." It was important to me to make this one as much like last year in fabric, feel, shape and function...and the supersweet zipper is a huge plus I have found.

The hardest choice for me is really the body color, as everyone has colors they won't wear! But I couldn't stand to go with colors that are too safe, because I see those all the time and we want to be able to spot each other from way away.

We'll see how it goes, but we should be able to reprint these when we have 12 or more orders. More later on that.



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