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Ontario (ON)

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Woman Inline Skater Crossing Canada for Youth Suicide Awareness

There's no a lot to say about this one except go speed skater and husband in the van! It's hard to beat rolling for a cause! 


Rollerblading campaigner arrives in NB - CBC.ca -

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Not Better, Just Faster: Fast Olympic Speed Skater and Slow Runner on Teaching Children and Ourselves about Competition

Here's a brief interview with one of Canada's favorite speed skating champions. I thought the comments on competition were interesting. I miss seeing all those skaters who were so much faster than me at Athens to Atlanta. They'd still be faster than me, most of them, but not perhaps it is not worth being there to them if not faster than almost everyone there? In any case, I'd love to see more skaters at A2A, especially those on the way up or down. I think a lower entry fee would help. In any case, back to the subject at hand.... 


Here's a bit of what I found interesting:


Unionville, Ontario
43° 52' 8.8932" N, 79° 18' 33.0192" W
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The Simple Joy of Community Skating...And Some Shoveling

I took a break from working on the website and some family health issues, and from photos and video of the US Figure Skating Championships, to read this nice story of a day out at a new rink...in a snow storm. There's a balance of thoughts on the rink and the money and the goals, but really, to me, it sounds like the start of something beautiful in Toronto. Community and physical activity often amplify each other well. If you have a minute, read this journal entry of the brand new shovel and brand new skating rink. 

Skate Across Toronto: The best $9.99 the National Post ever spent - National Post -


Sherbourne Commons Skating Rink
140 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 2R6
43° 39' 21.9168" N, 79° 22' 12.2844" W
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An Ancient 27-Year Old Hits the Ice for Some Speedskating Fun

Funny how my parents think I'm young, and I think I'm old sometimes, young others, mostly depending if I've been forced to look in a mirror, or to look at my hands, or help me, otherwise be faced with reality of that sort. The inner reality is often far different, and yay for that....


Allandale Recreation Centre, Blue Rink
190 Bayview Drive
Barrie, Ontario
44° 21' 37.0908" N, 79° 40' 58.6884" W
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Nice writing, Rollerblades as Emblem

I know my world. Well, sort of. I think (therefore I think I am) I know a very small portion of it.

One thing I love is to read a nice, clear, brief piece of writing that takes me just a bit into someone else's world, to the overlapping edge of theirs and mine, perhaps. If it's written with some balance, fairness, gentleness and love, so much the better. If it sees the frustrations but seeks peace with them, nice. If it catches the enormous spark kapow importance of a pair of skates, even though it's a passing mention, yeah! Thanks to Chloe Tse for a few nice minutes of reading. It's a different world from mine, and that's why I liked listening in at the next table (via the web) for a moment.

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Rideau Canal Skateway Ottawa Canada to Open Soon

Climate change or not, those crazywonderful Canadians have been trying to get the canal ready for skating at least by their upcoming Winterlude festival on February 2. I love any article that says...

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Running: Ottawa Race Weekend Drops in-line Skating

Ahh this is a shame, as Craig and I vaguely talked of a return to do this fine event, and I would love seeing Ottawa again. Please note that there's an Ottawa Inline Skating Festival very soon (Sep 3, on Canada's Labour Day, the same as USA's Labor Day). It sounds like tons of fun and I would seriously love to go there. The US10K is the same day. Such good opportunities on the same day! (I'm severely unready for a 10K, were I ever, but this one is point-to-point and not laps so I'm likely to finish; laps are just an easy way to quit early as far as I am concerned.) Of course the NY100K is forthwith as well...this coming weekend! Oh boy another place I'd love to be. Time=1/Money! Ha! Ahh, but rules make sonnets, and choices make a life!

Ottawa Inline Skating Festival - September 3, 2006

2006.09.03 1:20 pm
2006.09.03 5:30 pm

Hello Skaters!

Join us for the 2nd annual Ottawa Inline Skating Festival in Canada's capital!

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