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Stone Mountain GA

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The Roadskater.net Athens to Atlanta A2A Roadskate Book

Welcome to the Roadskater.net Athens to Atlanta A2A Book. You can be part of this project if you would like, adding your stories from the road to the History Project, advice on training to the Training Guide, and hints for survival or other glory to the Strategy Guide.
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Athens to Atlanta A2A Skate Strategy Guide

Here's a place to keep hints and tips for strategy on the big day when you actually skate from Athens to Atlanta, Georgia. Weekend preparations and other advice is suitable here, as well as notes on the course, and anything else that would help a racer or a tourer make their way along with maximum speed, safety and pleasurable pain.
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2006 A2A Journals

In 2006, the weather was light rain before the event, wet roads in the first thirty miles or so, with sunshine most of the day. The temperature in Atlanta was 60 at start time, rising to 74 by noon, reaching 80 by 2 pm and 82 degrees by 4 pm. Winds were light in the morning and from the south, rising to around 10 mph from the west at midday, dropping then peaking again to 10-12 in midafternoon from the north. Please add your story to this chapter of the Athens to Atlanta History Project! After you've written and posted your story, use the Outline tab to select "2006 A2A Journals" as the parent of your article. If your story is for another year, contact me or leave it be and I will add a Chapter for that year. Blake

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Athens to Atlanta A2A Skate History Project

This is the Athens to Atlanta History Project, where we hope to gather stories from the actual days of the event over the years. At first, this will be for 2006, I'm sure, but we want your stories from any year you can remember! Please add your story by joining the site, then blogging or adding your post to the AthensToAtlanta.com forum.
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A2A Athens to Atlanta Roadskate 2006 Photos

Hey everyone. My photos are up. I may put some comments here later. As usual there are few photos from the last half where it is more hilly more consistently and where it is not, it is more urban and congested. Of course if I want great photographs I'll probably have to not skate, and if i want to skate great, I'll probably have to not take my camera and batteries along to distract me! In any case, here are the photos and I hope you find some you love. Maybe soon we'll have photos integrated into the site, but I didn't want to hold up the photos for that. Here they are:

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Route Video

I have not finished yet, but I have put up a series of videos that show part of the route for Athens to Atlanta. The video is from early March of 2004 and was taken as I drove the route on 2 separate days, with partial coverage on the day between these two. Much will have changed and this is part of the capturing of the history of this great event in its 25th running (counting the Outlaw and other times folk skated the route last year in homage to the days of old).

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Road Skate Survival Strategy

OK here come some thoughts on Athens to Atlanta for the over six hour set, with a few nods here and there to speedsters. I hope to have some other goodies but may not be able to get to it before this year's event! Here are some tips:

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Athens to Atlanta A2A Skate ATL Logistics Transportation & Lodging

Here's a guide to help you get from the ATL airport to your hotels in Atlanta and Athens, with comments from people who've done what you're attempting. We hope to have public transportation included, as well as bus, taxi and other options.
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