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Prospect Park NY

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Beware of Dogs NYC Walkers, Runners, Skaters, Cyclists, 9pm to 9am

Of course you already are on the lookout between 9am and 9pm (and the rest of the day), but now there's extra good reason. I have no dog in this fight, as I have no dog any more and have not been hanging in the city of late, but I've been afraid of dogs off the leash before of course. My typical reaction is to say "hey puppy" in a helium voice a la Broadway Danny Rose no matter how big the dog.

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NYC 100k report

I wrote up alot of this waiting at the airport Sunday morning, and put the finishing touches on it this morning...  Enjoy!



Artem & I arrived in NYC without incident, checked into the hotel, and picked up our registration packets. We chatted a bit with Marcia who was handing out the packets, and eventually left to grab a bite to eat. (There's a nice little diner right next to the Skyline hotel which had good food...) After that, we went to check out the course at Prospect Park. Artem hadn't done the event before, and I wanted to refresh my memory of the course anyway... Plus, we had a lot of time to kill (at this point it was maybe 3:00 or so.

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