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Clemmons NC

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Tanglewood Costume Competition

Browsing my lastest Tour to Tanglewood newsletter, I noticed there will be a celebrity-costume competition on Saturday after the ride, which will be judged during dinner. People can dress up as a celebrity. It's not necessary to skate or do the ride in the costume. Besides, the jerseys are a joy to behold. I believe the prizes include movie theater and concession stand certificates.

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T2T 2006 Distances and MPH to Cutoff Times

Here are the revised distances as of Aug 28, 2006 for the Tour to Tanglewood: 

  • Total Main Route Day 1: 48.1
  • Century Route Day 1: 99.9
  • Total Route Day 2: 41.5  

Cutoff times are 10a, 12p, 2p and start times are 7:30a (century) and 8a.

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Roadskater.net Team Photo and Tour to Tanglewood Start Times

The Roadskater.net Team Photo for Tour to Tanglewood 2006 will be at 7:15 am outside on the plaza outside registration at Volvo Trucks NA. Please be on time. Anyone planning on the Century will need to be ready to go immediately afterward to get as much head start as possible at 7:30 am.

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Historical Weather Data Greensboro September 9 and 10 T2T 2006

Bethany asked about the weather for the Tour to Tanglewood on September 9 and 10 this year.

Since I have more faith in historical data than prediction this far ahead, I looked it up on the weatherunderground.com site.

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Tour to Tanglewood Route Change Aug 28 2006

This weekend, Danny, of the Bicycle Response Team for the Tour to Tanglewood, said Dock Davis road was out. This is the bottom of the last rush of adrenaline in the Tour on day 1.

I rode loop 1 with Tom on Saturday (more later) and loops 2 and 3 with my parents while visiting them on Sunday. (We rode in a car.) I took photos and sent them to Michelle and Suzanne et. al. at the MS Society and it looks like now there's a route change. This is sad in one way, in that this is a beautiful stretch of nice road. On the other hand it will be great for next year that some of these older bridges will have been replaced.

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Come Skate or Bike North Carolina Sep 9-10 2006

If you're looking for a great skate vacation with a good cause, consider North Carolina in September. It's a beautiful state and a great time of year to enjoy the country roads that meander along our rolling hills.
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How to Sign up for the Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood Team

It's pretty easy to join our Roadskater.net team for the Tour to Tanglewood, a 2-day, 90-to-145 mile skate and ride to benefit the National MS Society. Go to this url...
...and sign up.
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Hotels Near Tour to Tanglewood Saturday FINISH Tanglewood Park Clemmons NC

Here's a list of hotels near Tanglewood Park in Clemmons NC, at the intersection of Tanglewood Park Road and Clemmons Road. This is the finish location for Saturday's skate and ride, and the start location for Sunday.

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A Long Hilly Skate Without Gatorade

...Turned out not to be such a good thing for me.


This past Saturday I decided to do a dummy-run for Training Rides without Gatorade.


Just to explain why I feel like I have to go without Gatorade: I have put myself on a strict health diet to cure a particular ailment. So far, after a week it has been working. However, the bad news is that I am supposed to steer clear of any sugars (all the '-ose's), and artificial flavorings, as well as wheat, corn, rice and potatoes! Getting any carbs that stick to the ribs is challenging at best and not at all conducive to preparing for a long training skate. But I haven't given up trying to find a way, yet.

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Check out the new Tanglewood Training Ride Polls

Check out the polls asking your favorite and least favorite Tour to Tanglewood training rides. These polls only include current rides (sorry Tim), so none of us get to vote against the worst moment ever at a Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride, the delayed by corporate ceremonies event at a now defunct bike shop in Greensboro. Here are the links: 

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