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Clemmons NC

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Vote in Tour to Tanglewood Polls

Please vote in our Tour to Tanglewood polls, available under view/polls (you need to be a member to vote, sorry, as we try to keep out junkbots). Here are the specific t2t polls as of this date:

2006 will make how many years at the tour:

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Handbooks for Tour to Tanglewood

I've set up some "handbooks" or "books" under view/books that will serve as frameworks for us to get our guides to the Tour to Tanglewood going. One of these handbooks is for out of town visitors mostly, to help them make their way from airport to hotel to Vovlo Trucks N.A. and to know what to expect regarding luggage, camping equipment and other gear. It could also be useful for locals who have not booked hotels before in Clemmons. The book, which starts out mostly empty until we all write it (join the site if you'd like to help write anything on the site) is located here:

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Tour to Tanglewood Bike Training Guide

This is a book for us to share training plans and tips for preparing to bike the 2-day 90-to-145-mile Tour to Tanglewood from Greensboro, NC to Clemmons, NC and back. This guide is aimed at cyclists who want to train for the tour.
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Top Tour to Tanglewood Teams June 26 2006

As we come close to the end of June, the Roadskater.net team is doing ok on registrations. We're a little over one fourth of our goal of 80 skaters and riders for this year, but we've slipped to just outside the top 10, at 11th.

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Tanglewood Training Ride: The Bike Shop, Clemmons NC

2006.07.29 8:00 am
2006.07.29 12:00 pm
Tanglewood Training Ride: The Bike Shop, Clemmons NC
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Tour to Tanglewood 2006 Day Two

2006.09.10 7:30 am
2006.09.10 2:30 pm

The second day is about 45 miles and despite the earlier day's exertion, it always seems easier and more relaxed somehow. It's a great finish at Volvo and I remember the happy sounds and cool, bright, clear bottle of water. It's a really nice feeling our there in socks with skates off, seeing the last few in, then making too many sandwiches and eating salty chips!

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Tour to Tanglewood 2006 Day One

2006.09.09 8:00 am
2006.09.09 3:00 pm

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