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Lexington NC

MikeB's picture

2011 Tour de Pig, Lexington NC October 8 Bike Ride Inline Skate

2011.10.08 7:00 am
America/New York
Look for the 2011 Tour de Pig in Lexington NC 0n 10/08/11 http://www.barbecuefestival.com/events.html


Lexington, North Carolina
United States
35° 49' 26.4972" N, 80° 15' 12.1824" W
MikeB's picture

2010 Tour de Pig looks like 10/09/2010

2010.10.09 7:00 am
2010.10.09 2:00 pm
last year's Tour de Pig was on the same weekend as A2A. But it appears the 2010 Tour de Pig will be 10/09/2010 (the weekend after A2A). More details will post at http://www.bikeride.com/calendar/event.asp?id=15611
roadskater's picture

Photos, Speed and Thumbnail Maps: Paul's Cycling & Fitness Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

Paul's Cycling & Fitness is hit or miss, I guess I'd say, over the years, when it comes to Tour to Tanglewood Training Rides. I have to say it has mostly been a good experience, but with some exceptions that make it hard to get out of bed and go there for the training ride. A few years back, the route was so disappointing we quit early and drove back to Greensboro Country Park to skate. Usually it has just been one or two signs that they don't see this as the same opportunity that some shops seem to.


Paul's Cycling & Fitness
United States
36° 4' 1.3476" N, 80° 15' 7.2216" W
Lake Tom-a-Lex Rest Stop
United States
35° 53' 20.4864" N, 80° 11' 29.3208" W
Old Thomasville Road, Old 109, Midway School Road
United States
35° 56' 28.14" N, 80° 8' 58.7076" W
roadskater's picture

Tour de Pig XV 2006

2006.10.07 8:30 am
2006.10.07 2:00 pm

I did Tour de Pix X and it was a great patch, great tee shirt, great time, and great food.


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