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United States of America (USA)

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SkateStrong Inline Skating / Rollerblading Workshop: Saturday, March 28th in Raleigh, NC

2009.03.28 9:00 am
2009.03.28 5:00 pm
The date for the next SkateStrong workshop has been decided, and it is:  Saturday, March 28th. Information on workshop can be found at:  http://www.skatestrong.com/

For those that don't know, the workshop is a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis Society -- 100% of the money goes to MS Society. It's for all levels, beginner to advanced. The content will vary a bit depending on who actually attends.


Colonade II Office Park
8510 Colonnade Center Dr.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
United States
35° 53' 48.5304" N, 78° 38' 57.2064" W
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High Point NC Woman Speedskater Makes the Transition from Inline to Ice for the Olympics

A few years ago at the US10K I met Heather Richardson from High Point Speed, just briefly, not a long chat or anything. But it was clear she was a powerful skater even at 10K, which is lots longer than most indoor types really want to do very often (that's a lot of laps on the tiny indoor inline circuits). The Greensboro News & Record has a nice story on her, point out that...

Richardson, a 19-year-old from High Point, is the reigning U.S. champion in long-track speedskating's sprint events and recently finished 20th at the World Sprints.


Rol-A-Rink Skating Center
2421 N Main St
High Point, North Carolina 27262
United States
35° 57' 25.3584" N, 80° 0' 20.6208" W
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Miami Great EsSkate 2009 Inline Skating Rollerblading Festival Photos and Videos Links

Photos of the Miami Beach South Beach Great EsSkate are starting to show up on the lists. Maybe I'll have a handful of our fun in Greensboro too. We'll see, ha! Anyway, here are some photos from Miami... These are from Maki of Empire Skate in New York... http://sk8ny.net/img/ges200902/album/ges200902.html Please add links to any you find!


Miami Great EsSkate Miami Beach, Florida
United States
25° 46' 16.3308" N, 80° 7' 54.3756" W
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How To Search to See What Products are Part of the Peanut-Containing (not exactly Peanut Butter) Salmonella Typhimurium Recall

If you're like me you may not have taken the trouble to look up information about the peanut-containing items recall. This widget makes it pretty easy, so I wanted to include it here for convenience...


US Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20903
United States
Phone: 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)
39° 2' 1.1652" N, 76° 59' 10.3668" W
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Promote Inline Skating & Cycling Like a Bacon Explosion

Have you heard of the Bacon Explosion? If so, how did you learn about it (really, post a reply if you feel up to it? For me, it was one of my favorite places, the "most-emailed" section of the New York Times website. But for many, it seems it started with Twitter, then was boosted by StumbleUpon and probably Digg.

You may be saying, "huh?"

OK. First of all, a Bacon Explosion is a food item, some would say, and a very pig-oriented one, as it is made of...

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Greensboro NC Making a Bid to be the Home of the U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame

Another sidebar news item...WRAL reports that the Greensboro News and Record reports that Greensboro has "made the cut" in bidding to become the new home of the United States Cycling Hall of Fame. Supposedly GSO is in the "final four." Who knows how significant this could be, but at least it shows there are people in Greensboro trying to bring more visitors to the city, especially those who are interested in bicycling and other forms of active transportation. Thanks to Neil Belenky and the rest of the Greensboro task force involved in making the application.


Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 24.5964" N, 79° 47' 24.576" W
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Fresh Snow, Dreams Deferred, Two Young Friends of Decades Past, President Obama, the United States, and the Inauguration of 2009

After some days of often solitary study, testing, learning, failures and some successes (think Ubuntu Server, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Nginx, lighttpd, Memcache, Varnish, Squid, Alternative PHP Cache), I drifted to sleep as though it were the night before Christmas. Would there be snow? Would there be joy? So I awoke early on Inauguration Day 2009 with anticipation, and yes, my world had been treated to a fresh forgiveness of snow outside.


United States Capitol Washington, District Of Columbia
United States
38° 53' 23.334" N, 77° 0' 35.8164" W
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Skating in the New Year 2009 in Glenwood Neighborhood of Greensboro North Carolina

This year we wimped a bit on the skating in the new year bit, but we did go out for 20 or 30 minutes in Glenwood neighborhood, eebee and myself. The temp was in the upper 20s so we didn't stay out too long. We took a few photos, and I'll probably include a couple of them here. Enjoy.


United States
36° 3' 46.2888" N, 79° 48' 37.4652" W
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Where Do Those TSA and Other Security Confiscated Pen Knives, Manicure Scissors, Skate Tools Go? How About Stolen Guitars?

I bet you've had a skate tool taken now and then at airport security, right? I did. I had a somewhat sentimental first edition roadskater.net (home-branded) long handle Allen wrench taken when I boarded with my skates, forgetting to put the tool in luggage. They were entirely uncaring and unhelpful of course.

Maybe USPS could have Priority Mail boxes and APCs there and we could mail them to ourselves! The government would make some money but at least in the service of us keeping our personal stuff, instead of them making money off our personal stuff. Huh?


Cruisin' in the Country (the first century I skated) Claxton, Georgia
United States
32° 9' 40.734" N, 81° 54' 14.6772" W
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Dopers, Testers, Tests, Lance Armstong, Tour de France, Vuelta, Giro, Garmin-Chipotle

Well the Tour de France route for 2009 has come out, and there's some new old stuff, like the Team Time Trial is back. Some say this makes Lance Armstrong more likely to show up, some say less, and he seems to want some assurances from the organizers about respectful treatment or some such.

Meanwhile Contador sounded welcoming at first, but lately perhaps less so, and Vino's name has surfaced as well. Nothing solid here from me...just some impressions.


Avenue des Champs-Elysées
Paris 75008
48° 52' 11.2836" N, 2° 18' 27.3096" E
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