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Please Take a Moment to Read this Darfur Blog

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While writing about all sorts of things in the absence of doing any skating, including researching a wide range of issues from the insignificant to the earth saving, one personal account provided some insights into the situation in the Darfur region of the Sudan in Africa. Read it all if you have time, but for a quick impact here are these points:

  • Camp Otash is home for the moment to up to 60,000 people who have fled their villages throughout Darfur. Over the last week the United Nations estimates the camp has taken in 700 new arrivals.  
  • Last month the U.N World Food Programme cut food rations by half because they suspected outsiders were coming into the camp and benefiting from the handouts.
  • The United Nations estimates 2.5 million people have been displaced and around 200,000 killed since the start of the conflict in early 2003.

These bullet points are from information in a blog entry on Darfur by Jonathan Erasmus on AlertNet.Org, Blowing in the Darfur Wind, which I came across when reading the story on Suzanne Somers' house fire in Malibu.

He continues...

...it is easy to forget that behind the words and numbers are human beings suffering in sickeningly inhuman conditions.

In the USA when we think we have it bad, it's still pretty good compared to many other places in the world. And of course let's add that in other places in the world, some have it better in ways we have left behind in our haste for the goodies.

If you want a place to find out more about the world outside the USA, check out the home page of AlertNet.Org, which is sponsored by the Reuters Foundation. This looks like worthwhile effort and a reminder that there are places where we might take the price of one USA-made bomb and send a little USA-produced food and drink and love instead. Yes it's just a dream. It is a dream I'll keep.


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Darfur Truce News Jan 11 2007

The New York Times and others reported news of a truce between the Sudanese government and the rebels of Darfur. It looks like there'll be better access for journalists and humanitarian workers.

Since the New York Times links die (or fall into their pay section) sometimes, here's an article from The Los Angeles Times. If this one dies please let me know. Problems remain, as some rebel factions may not honor the truce. Ultimately a solution will likely need stronger UN participation it seems. It has obviously been a nasty situation for a long time. As the LAT article concludes:

African Union forces have been unable to stem the violence, but Sudan rejects a Security Council resolution authorizing U.N. peacekeepers to take over the mission in Darfur.

Let's hope this truce will last and will provide some relief for those in agony.

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