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Polar Bear Ride, Greensboro NC, Jan 1st 2008

eebee's picture

For those eager to get out skating for the new year, you can start off with the Cycles de Oro/Greensboro Velo Club's 11th Annual Polar Bear Ride, which starts at 11am New Year's Day at Cycles de Oro in Greensboro. Distances are 18, 41 and 61 miles.

I might just be able to handle the 18 :-).


At 5mph average.

Registration starts at 10.30 am, ride starts at noon. Entry fee is $10 each plus 2 cans of food.

Blake and I are not sure if we're going to go yet. We'll check the weather and wimp out accordingly :-). At the present hour, Accuweather is predicting a high of 49 deg F on Tuesday.



Cycles de Oro
1410 Mill Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27408
United States
36° 5' 20.6772" N, 79° 48' 38.5236" W


timv's picture

If it's a real polar bear ride

Thanks for posting this info! I was just thinking that I needed to check the start time. I'm planning to be there if the weather is as forecast or colder. I won't bother if it's much above fifty, since that really wouldn't be much of a polar bear ride and it would likely be too crowded for my taste. I'll just go ride on my own if that's how it plays out--or if I don't make it out in time. I'd really like to do a slow and steady 100km on my bike. I don't know if that's within my grasp or not (20 miles on either Thurs or Fri was my last ride) but I might take a shot at it. Hope to see you there.
eebee's picture


For a moment I thought you were joking about the cold. But I might be able to trick myself into skating in the cold if I adopted that train of thought!

Good for you for keeping up fitness over the winter.

I'm almost envious of cyclists their road-riding status & relative freedom.

andrewinnc's picture

Warm weather preferred.

Thanks for the info. I have been missing getting together with everyone and skating. Sounds like it might be fun. The 18 would be just what the Dr. ordered, I was planning on trying to do a marathon (26 miles) at the track tomorrow anyhow. This would be much better. I wouldn't want to be the only skater, but I will be there if others are.
eebee's picture

That's discipline!

1.5 - 2 hrs alone on an outside track takes some discipline! Assuming it's outdoors...there's usually a headwind along one side, at least. Yes, it would be nice to skate and see other skaters again.

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