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Portage Park 'n' Roll Inline Skating Speed, Artistic, Derby Roller Girls, DJ Quad Skate Jam and Cookie Festival with Music, Races, Bake-Off, Fun to Benefit Bike & Hike Trails

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DATE: September 24, 2011
LOCATION: Dix Stadium (KSU), Summit Street in Kent, Ohio (Portage County)

Our athletes are protected by FinishSafeTM


This is your chance to own the campus! The skate will take advantage of the newest leg of the bike and hike trail as well as the new esplanade through Kent State University's campus. Show the community that skating is alive and kicking in Portage County! DESCRIPTION: A MORNING FULL OF SKATING, COOKIES, MUSIC AND FUN! A FREE FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENT! The Portage Bike and Hike trail has opened up its arms to skaters around the county! Start the morning with the beauty of Portage County during the morning Skate Challenge with your fellow members of the skating community. Whether you skate for speed, or skate for fun, or have a Derby skater inside you, you are all welcome here! It's a day of fun and skating amongst friends and a chance to help support the trails for more skating events in years to come! THE SKATE WILL BE FOLLOWED BY A GRAND PARTY IN THE PARKING LOT TO CELEBRATE! Including an outdoor roller rink area for jam/dance skating, DJ, Name that tune game with prizes, a Cookie-bake-off, and lots of other cool stuff! (Recipe books for the bake off will be available for purchase through this site after the bake off.) Come watch free exhibitions from National Speed skaters, National Artistic Skaters, Derby exhibitions given by NEO Rockin Roller Girls, and Local Jam skaters!!! Don't forget that great bouncin' music you'll hear during the all skates in between exhibitions! Bring your skates for the outdoor roller rink and join in the shufflin fun. (Waivers must be signed at the registration desk before skating, please.) This is a charity event to support the Portage Park District Foundation. ALL Proceeds will go towards the maintenance and repair of the current Portage Bike and Hike trails. Your safety and well being are directly linked to the upkeep of the trails that you skate or hike on! Show your support and learn about the many benefits of outdoor exercise from area schools, who will be participating in a poster contest to view after the skate event. If you have an activity or own a company that would be beneficial to this event, please contact us immediately at portageskates@gmail.com! For those wanting to volunteer or reserve a spot in the vendor area, use the links towards the top of this page. FINAL DETAILS ARE STILL BEING DECIDED. If you need further information or would like to share your input, email Misty at portageskates@gmail.com.


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Skating and Cookies!

Hi Sommemi! Good to hear from you again. Sounds like they have all the essentials for a fun morning: skating and cookies!

Thanks for posting your event, and good to hear you are still skating! 

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Usually No Cookies So I Won't Lose Mine, but Those Oreos OK

Well anyone who's been around me on a long skate knows I stay away from grainy stuff that can blow down my throat and choke me or that can make me have any sort of gagomatic action. However, once at a training ride when we got to Abbott's Creek Church, they had these stuffed or something Oreos that were 'MAYzin. I have avoided eating another one for fear of dishonoring the memory. They were moments, those bites. 

This sounds like a great fun event with lots of focus on the many ways to roll, and I bet people will have a great time. The cookie cookoff sounds like tons of fun, and the cookbook is a sweet idea. I hope you have a great turnout! Thanks for posting! 

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Thanks for the comments!

STUFFED oreos?!?!?! Wow. I HAVE to find those. I've had deep fried oreos, but not stuffed. SWEET. Thanks for the comments! I felt kinda bad not being out here for so long and then posting a gigantic notice LOL. But I HAVE been skating, but have a 4 year old and the last few years have been hard to keep up with everything! But now that I can put skates on his feet and drag him around behind me... :-) Seriously, I needed to get in shape, and obviously this was my sport of choice, so I lucked out when I was able to find some skaters closer to me that I could team up with. We've been speed skating at a local rink and are trying to get more people in our area outside on the trails to skate with us too! So this is our attempt to get more 'big' events close to our own home. :-) What better way than to organize it yourself? And yes, the cookie bake off is totally due to the fact that I can't stop eating cookies. But if I use recipes that claim to be healthy or protein building, then I have a good excuse, right? :-D

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Well Done!

Well done for continuing (or resuming) your skating, with a little one around! It's so easy otherwise to let the speed of life around infants and toddlers railroad your own fitness and sanity needs. So good for you for including him in it too! 

Are you speed skating on quad skates? 

All this talk of cookies had me craving Subway's fatty oatmeal-raisin creations, but to save time on the way home I bought a bag of Mrs. Field's oatmeal raisin cookies instead from the supermarket. Big mistake! I might as well have poured the sugar-bowl down my gullet with a pinch of cinnamon. I considered baking my own, since they're easy enough to make, but I can't trust myself with butter in the house. I wish they sold butter by the stick. I'd pay $4 a stick just not to end up with 3 leftover sticks in my fridge threatening to merge with an unsuspecting loaf of hot, toasted granary bread and marmite. 

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Come Try Our Carolina Century, Plus Mint Oreo Fudge Cremes

Hey we'd love it if you guys could come see the event we started, the CarolinaCentury.com 21 to 102 mile roadskate and bike ride for MS with 10 hours of support. 

Also, here are a couple of possibilities for the cookies of which I spoke. I remember a tall box with green on it, so I think it was the first. These articles are somewhat amusing and scary...

Ain't if funny how the tobacco companies got into snack foods as alternatives ways of killing us softly? I love it! They figured out some of us would never get hooked on smoking, but we might get addicted to food items, ha. 

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Define: "Fudge"

I've just realized it has taken me twenty years to fully face the fact that American and British Fudge aren't the same thing at all. Thyme for Food blogspot explains the differences very well in the article Will the Real Fudge Please Stand Up? 

My particular gastronomic reference for Fudge involves 2" squares of creamy, sugary, vanilla-y fat sold at village fayres. Nothing chocolate about it. American Fudge (so far in my experience) has always been chocolate-colored and has a completely different taste to the English kind. Totally different!

The article also mentions peanut butter fudge, which to me is redundant when a refrigerated jar plus a spoon work very well, instantly. Hersheys syrup: optional.

Yes, Mint Oreo Fudge Cremes are the ones I remember from 2010, Roadskater. 

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Triple Double Oreos Announced

Kraft foods has "rolled out the "Triple Double Oreo," a conglomeration of three cookie wafers, one white frosting layer, and one chocolate frosting layer." 


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Puts the "pig" in Pigovian

Jeepers! Those things should be taxed at the same rate as cigarettes. Talk about your externalities. "May lead to over-consumption of the product" indeed.

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