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Pure Snow Footage from the Beeb

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There's nothing new about snow, but there might be something refreshing about a traditional news station's website showing a video blissfully void of journalistic interference. How perfect! What better way to depict a 'freshly fallen silent shroud of snow'? 

While watching this BBC video, I caught myself preparing to burst out laughing as if I were watching Jacques Tati's Playtime (the one with the doors that slam in golden silence). I'd like to think all those sounds in the snow video are real, from the little girl's crinkly ski-suit swishes to the Cornish ponies' crunchy hooves (or is it sleet falling?). If not, that's one heck of a foley artist! 

Perhaps this video is all the more enjoyable because of the preceding Priceline ad. Not sure how long the uncontaminated snow snippets will be up on the above-linked page, though. 


Great Britain
United Kingdom


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More bunkum-free snow footage!

I know I'm the only one that cares but these video clips make my day. Here's another patch-of-snow-on-the-ground compilation. If you put your mind into Welsh mode you should be able to understand the fellow around 30 secs.


Something humorous from the accompanying article:

Cardiff's Winter Wonderland attraction featuring an open-air ice rink and a ferris wheel has been closed because of snow up to 6 ins deep

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