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Questions 165 &195: On Inexpensive Options for Inline Speed Skates (Boots & Frames)

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I'm in search of something almost impossible: $200ish boots that are fully heat moldable and somewhat similar to my trusty V-Teks. I have been watching eBay to not much avail and am considering new old stock somewhere else. I have questions in this regard. I am currently a slow speed long distance skater.
  • Has anyone here skated the 2006 Verducci "Red" or Verducci "Black" boots with 165mm spacing? Thoughts?
  • I think the Reds are fully heat moldable and not the Blacks.
  • Are these Verducci Reds highly similar to the V-Tek? Me yumem V-Teks.
  • Is there a Luigino or other brand/model that's way V-Tekish, like Hyper or Canariam with which you have experience?
  • How about the Bont SemiRace? Have you skated on them?
  • Are there other solutions about which you know, especially for those that knew and loved the V-Teks?
  • Caveats:
    • I have a bent 165mm K2 3x100+84 that I'm using (anyone have a pair lying around they'd like to offload cheaply?) and hope to replace (but may not, and only in a package deal that really rocks).
    • I have a new 195mm frame I could use if I found a moldable boot in 195mm spacing for $200ish...as close as possible and not more than 20% over. 
    • I could raise my outlay by $60 or so for a kit that included 8 100mm Hyper wheels or even 6 100mm and 2 84mm Hyper wheels, or wheels of equal quality. Bearings wouldn't thrill me but I could use them to justify some minor amount, so a kit price of 4x100 for $280 perhaps, or close.
  • I know, skating is expensive, but not really compared with lift tickets, gas for a boat, cycling, going to movies, and lots more, and yet, I should only spend slightly more than I have instead of way more...I'm trying to be on the budget.
  • Also, how much difference is it going from 3x100+84 to 4x100? Is it worth buying a kit that's 2.5 times as expensive? I know, that depends, but it's certainly not going to make me 2.5X faster, ha!
  • Do you feel wheel sizes have settled in yet? Where?
  • Looks like mounting is 195mm mostly now except for smaller sizes which use 165mm and sometimes less?
  • Thoughts are welcome here, on Roadskater.net, on InlineNC on yahoogroups.com or via email.
Thanks & skateylove.


Inline Speed Skate Boot Size

Tell me what size boot you wear and I'll keep an eye out.
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Verducci Size 42 EU or About 9.5-10 US

My V-Teks are semi-custom but work out to be size 42 EU. I bought some V-Teks last year to try them but both ended up being size 41 EU despite one being listed otherwise (arrgh). I resold them and lost nothing much but time, so that was good. Thanks for keeping watch. I wonder if the Luigino boots are sized similarly.

I'm having similar fun

trying to find a pair of Vibram Fivefingers that fit …
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Vibram Fivefingers Photos and Comments

Well I had not heard of these but they sound fun to try. If you have comments on these I'm sure everyone would love to read about them, and not just people who regularly visit, but those who search the internet for info, too. Feel free to (or not to) start a new article and tell us what you know and learn about these funky foot fingers. Meanwhile, here are some articles with photos, follow ups, and a low-tech video that should be inspiration to us all...to do videos.





And here's an article with lots of comments like I hope we have here some day (and thanks for those we do have now):


Thanks for the heads up. These might be worth a try sometime!

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