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Quick note: How to Set Firefox Browser Tabs So New Tabs Open on the Far Right Once Again

timv's picture

Nothing to do with skating, but thought I'd pass this along:

Since beginning to use Firefox 3.6, I've been bugged by the way that new browser tabs are opened. Starting with that version, when you use the "Open Link in New Tab" context menu option (or hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on a link) the new tab opens to the immediate right of the tab being viewed. In prior versions since the introduction of tabs, newly opened tabs went to the far right on the tab bar.

The motivation for the change in policy is that it keeps closely related pages in closely positioned tabs and I can appreciate the idea. But it's not uncommon for me to have 20 or 30 tabs open when I'm deep into researching something, and I've been finding that I have a hard time even finding the tab I just opened if it's located somewhere in the middle of the bar. It just seems easier for me to always look at the right end of the bar to find them.

If you like the new behavior then so much the better for you. But if you'd like to revert to the prior policy, it turns out to be easy to change if not exactly obvious.

While the most common settings can be changed in the Edit/Preferences window, more obscure settings are available via a page that I didn't know about. If you enter the special URL "about:config" in the location bar and press Enter or click the green arrowhead, the browser will display a page full of preferences. (Actually it'll first ask if you really really want to access these special settings. Click the button to continue.)

Find the entry named "browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent," right-click the "Value" column, and choose "Toggle" from the popup menu. This will change the setting from true to false and tabs will open in the old way.

I don't know of any other settings on that page that I'd like to change, at least none that can't also be accessed through the normal Preferences window, but I'm glad to know that it's there.


eebee's picture

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the useful tip, Timv! Interesting to see how many others were also bugged by the tab appearing in a different place. 

roadskater's picture

Yes and Interestingly I'm Using Google Chrome Then IE Yikes

Yes. Thanks for the tip and this is great content for this site. We roadskaters have lots of similar hobbies, traits, skills and interests, and even if not, there's a world of searchers wanting to know. Look at the all-time popular topics on the site and they are not just for skaters, but are related.

One thing I'm noticing lately is that I have loaded up Firefox perhaps with too many add-ons and I'm tending to use Google Chrome as it is fast. When things don't work at a site like file attachements in the newer Yahoo Mail, I am finding I go to IE (always the latest version and don't expect much support for 6 or below so if you have one of those I suggest upgrading or not using it, folks, as it is much hated in these old versions by people who write web code). Sometimes I start all three at the same time and use whatever gets me there first.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. We all have lots of knowledge we could be sharing. Do it! Somebody out there can benefit.

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