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Quite possibly the dumbest "bike" ever invented

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Now, saying this is the dumbest bike ever might be a stretch, as I recall seeing some very wacky old-timey inventions involving variations on bikes.  But this truly is stupid.  It's like the worst of both worlds, and it doesn't appear you can even coast on it.  I guess if you're a runner that has some phobia of treading on cement/asphalt, then this might work for you...


The Treadmill Bike Video Demonstration


- SM - 


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dumbest bike

Huh? Wassa point of that? I guess it might come in handy if you have a sore rear end for some reason but hated walking or skating!
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Dare to Be Dumb

I think the point is exactly that: that it's really dumb. Bear in mind that it's from Bicycle Forest, also home to the Hulabike and the Couchbike. (Don't miss reading about Brent and Ervind's Maritime Couchbike Adventure!)

While Constable Demeau couldn't cite any specific laws or regulations concerning wheeled furnishings, he put together some pretty solid arguments against our chosen means of travel. Much of the trouble had to do with the width of our contraption. At nearly seven feet across, it was three inches wider than a Lincoln Navigator. This alone may not have been such a problem had it not also been for our speed, which could only generously have been described as pokey. And then there was the question of whether or not it qualified as a bicycle at all. If it did, then we were in violation of New Brunswick's helmet law.
Yet, despite all our transgressions, Constable Demeau seemed at odds with himself over how to handle us. Though our couchbike may have posed an imminent threat to public safety, he had to admit that it was indeed "a nice rig". He said that it might be against his better judgment, but that he was going to let us go. "Do whatever you guys think is best." He said. We assured him that we'd keep an eye on traffic and pull off into the ditch when cars came by.

The Bicycle Forest gallery also features a number of the products of Brad "Atomic Zombic" Graham from nearby Thunder Bay, Ontario, who's even written a book about building these kinds of weird bikes.


Or maybe the point is just that the winters up in Canada are really long and cold, and they'll jump on just about any excuse to fire up the welder--to fight boredom and also simply to keep warm.


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