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Radica 20Q Guesses Roller Blades and Cricket Bat

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So here's my meaningless post. I should have gone to sleep perhaps, so I could interact with sunshine and with folk of the sun, but as I live in the Eastern time zone physically and in the Pacific (or more westward) circadically, I set up shop with the laptop, the sleep timer radio on BBC via WUNC, and oh no a half cup (well a half huge mug) of Café Bustelo (just dripped not steamed through).

"Oh there's the 20Q. I wonder if it can guess inline skates?"

The 20Q is a little palm-sized toy that asks questions on a scrolling display, attempting to guess what you are thinking about. You answer by pressing the Unknown, No, Yes or Sometimes buttons.

I didn't think the 20Q was on the right track, but it got it, saying "roller blades" instead of inline skates of course. I'm not sure why it didn't say roller skates or just skates, but that's cool stuff.

I guess one of the other amazing guesses it made was when I asked my South African friend, Doug, to guess something. When I saw "cricket bat" I thought it was surely a mistake. But the look on Doug's face was disbelief bordering on mild fear like I see dead people stuff.

Any of you guys had any spooky guesses from the 20Q? It's a fun little device usually found floating about the cabin of my car. If you haven't seen one of these I think it's worth your time to find out about it!

Also, are there some it failed to get that you'd like some of us to try? Sometimes it will miss with one person but get it with another. Stupid fun!

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