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Raglan Versus Set-In Sleeves on Custom Dye-Sublimated Skating and Cycling Jerseys

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So the main issue was the NO SLEEVES sizing...but one gentle reader explained that my riff on raglan v. set-in was confusing. Here's more on the subject of Set-In or Raglan sleeves.

Set-In sleeves (what we have heretofore used for roadskater.net short sleeve jerseys) are made like a T-shirt (or dress shirt for that matter) with a seam (sometimes two seams) along the top of the shoulder. When set-in fits, it looks great and feels great.

Some of us like the fact that set-in jerseys can be easily cut by the end user to make a decent looking short sleeve jersey (though not as nice as a manufactured one) by cutting near but just outside the seam. It's not perfect, but is a nice mod on a hot day.

Raglan sleeves have no shoulder seam but instead a seam running from the collar to underarm in a roughly 45-degree looking angle relative to horizontal (or vertical, ha). This means there's seamless print space for graphics to be placed on the shoulder, and in cycling especially, this is important as it is forward-facing prime logo space. We would have used raglan had we not been afraid last year that we'd not make minimums.

Raglans fit comfortably and are somewhat forgiving in the shoulders, but don't look quite as good perhaps as perfect-fitting set-ins. And if you try to make a sleeveless out of a raglan, you'll probably make a mess unless you're skilled with thread.

To use a design made for set-in (with no graphics on the shoulder where the seam would have been) for raglan would work, but would not make use of the prime visual space in the raglan design. I believe in some sizes it would crowd or cut the logos up near the collar in the set-in design (the prime logo space on a set in is often near the collar, right where the raglan seam would go were it there, as this is near the photographable face with medal around the neck and collar zipped up for money shots).

Another factor is that one must position logos based on the SMALLEST SIZE jersey ordered, and the fabric is cut with the logo centered. on very small designs it's important not to cut or sew the logo areas! Then of course this means that on 3XL all the logos might look a bit bunched toward the center, because they are.

So that's a bit more on the issues involved with making jersey decisions. Arrgh! It's fun, but if you care how well it all comes out for each person ordering, it's nerve wracking.



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