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Recent Roadskater.net Visitor Locations Working Again

roadskater's picture
The right sidebar now includes 50 recent visitors' locations once again. This feature was broken (or rather, the service it was using was broken), and this was causing a long delay in RSN content. Thanks to Mark, Tim, Craig and Elizabeth for input on this issue. The solution finally hit me a few days ago. The Recent Visitors section refreshes just once a day, and it's not perfect, but it gives us an idea who is looking in, and hopefully it will inspire us (and maybe them) to discuss some of the towns listed there. It may be just a dream, but I want RSN to be open to the world, and obviously so. I'm hoping to add some international flags based on country of birth as well as country of posting, but that's not ready yet. Ideas are welcome via create/site feedback. Thanks! Blake
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