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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Skater and Cyclist

timv's picture

Just noticed a couple of reports that give a new angle to the story of US Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her long road to recovery after nearly being assasinated on January 8th. One is that she is a very active inline skater as it turns out. According to this local news story about Rep. Giffords's progress. she was regularly seen skating the asphalt loop around Reid Park in Tucson.

Supporters have become accustomed to a “miracle every 48 hours,” said Michael McNulty, Giffords’ perennial campaign chairman.

“The rhetorical problem is that the doctors always say: ‘Given what she’s been through, she’s doing wonderfully.’ That’s kind of like saying ‘They’re going to China, and given that they have to walk, they’re doing great.’

“But I’ll say this — to the extent that prayer and good wishes can help people, she’ll be rollerblading by the first of March.”

And an NPR story on the January 8th shooting includes a sidebar about the response from fellow riders in the Tucson-area cycling community. It includes a couple of pictures of bike builder Dave Bohm, who built a custom bike for Rep. Giffords last year. I recognize his name from some cycling email lists as the proprietor of Bohemian Bicycles and one of the most talented custom builders around these days.

While her progress thus far exceeds all medical expectations, the expectations are still that she faces a long and hard period of recovery from her devastating brain injuries. But her high level of fitness and her tough spirit seem to be helping her along that road.


eebee's picture

In Great Shape

I noticed she seemed to be in good shape before the shooting, and it was mentioned in the media that this was working in her favor as far as recovery goes. Must've been the skating :-)

roadskater's picture

Night Road Skating

I was looking for video of her skating but didn't find any. I did see a reference to her skating at night to go see a friend...



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