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Report: 3rd Annual Tour de Tammy 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate

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Tammy Wilson was a young Mother and hardworking Guilford County paramedic who passed away from cancer in 2006. The Tour de Tammy bike ride fundraiser was set up to help support Tammy's children, as well as other children of fallen paramedics.


The event has some alluring sponsor names (to me, anyway!), such as Cycles de Oro, Chick-fil-A (hot chicken biscuit at the 55 deg F start line!), Panera (bagel and cream cheese!), and others I need to go look up later. BERT, the bicycle emergency response team also plays a big role in this fundraiser, with some very attractive bikes to boot - and I'm not one to drool over bicycles, either. BERT is made up of certified emergency response personnel, who volunteer yet more of their time to patrol major events wherever large crowds gather, such as concerts or sports tournaments, to sustain life for 15 minutes until more EMS and equipment can arrive on the scene.

Five Tanglewood Roadskater.net members took part in this ride: 3 on bikes and 2 on skates. The event volunteers and organizers welcomed us skaters with open arms and big smiles, and a head shake of incredulity here and there. We set out from Guilford Tech Community College in Jamestown, NC. As we set off not knowing what distance we'd ultimately end up doing, we noticed how smooth and relatively non-hilly the route was. I don't say "flat" because it certainly wasn't that. It's just nowhere near as hilly as the Hurricane Hanna route. And luckily for me it was a good 20 deg cooler. We had a pretty good headwind at times, doubling as an 'I feel like a God' tailwind after a few turns. We felt pretty good at mile 19 so decided to go for the 60 mile route instead of the 30. We were last at this point.

Even though we made it clear we'd jump in the SAG wagon if they needed us to, the event support SAG drivers and rest stop paramedics and volunteers were happy to hang around for us as we made our way with our 10.5 mph average, including stops. Our mph avg gained up over 11mph whilst rolling but the stops put us back on to a 6 hour course for the 60 miles. The route got rollercoaster hilly once we climbed up into Tour de Lions territory at Gray's Chapel. The route overall for skaters was good, but there was the usual 'about 7 miles of Gatorback' (somehow in skride reports there ends up being 'about 7 miles of gatorback'), and the guilty roadnames that I remember are Old Climax Road at the county crossover between Randolph and Guilford, Walking Mill Road, and Davis Country Road, which I remembered from one of the T2T training rides this summer.

At mile 50 I had excruciating boot/foot pain in both left and right and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's my mismatched, bumpy, neglected pizza cutter wheels. So I was happy to get to the finish in 5 hrs 57 mins. To our delight the event volunteers kept a solitary table, complete with white table cloth, up in the fire station building for us 2 skaters, as well as warm chicken, barbeque sauce, beans, bread, coleslaw and dessert! There was no hint of irritation or urgency that anybody wanted to leave or hurry up and go home, even though we were the last ones back.

What a great event! Good timing for the last weekend to notch up big mileage for A2A. Mark your calendars next year for Sept. 19th 2009 for the next Tour de Tammy.


United States
36° 0' 6.2784" N, 79° 54' 53.0604" W

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