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Research suggesting that cycling with a helmet in the UK is more dangerous than without

skatey-mark's picture

I stumbled on this article today.  Obviously, there are many issues around this.  But someone actually got on the road with a bike and some sensors and recorded how much room motorists gave him when he had a helmet and without.  (Also if he wore a wig to look like a female cyclist.)  The result:  cars gave more room when passing if he did not have a helmet on, suggesting that a cyclist would be more likely to get in an accident.  (Although the helmet would offer more protection, obviously.)  Anyway - it was a somewhat interesting read...


- SM -


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Wear a Helmet Underneath a Wig

From reading the article, it seems like a good strategy would be to wear a helmet underneath a wig! :o)


I wonder about the Lycra effect, the bike style effect, the riding position effect, the wobbliness effect, and more. There are valid points to make here, but as usual writers are just abnormal normal people and they don't always state with precision what the scientist hopefully does explain correctly, and hopefully worked so hard to test with accuracy and precision.


As for me, I will be wearing a helmet, as I imagine will Skatey-Mark, because even if the odds of a crash might be greater with a helmet, I believe the damage would be less.


I have been surprised of late to hear some particular advocates of this helmetless-is-better approach on other lists. It is interesting to hear opinions and "evidence," but wow it gets freaky pretty fast. One has to consider various kinds of cycling, various modes, various settings, and even the dress of the cyclist, the position of riding, so much more.


For me it comes down to "reasonable and prudent" actions I can take to illustrate that I am trying to be safe. The latest addition to that appearance and hopefully reality is the GatorBlake GatorBrake I'm borrowing at present from Skatey-Mark, and which I happily used in the Tour to Tanglewood 2006 to good effect methinks, especially considering HOW MUCH MONEY IT WILL SAVE ME ON WHEELS.


Thanks for the note on helmets, and I appreciate hearing any more research on this topic. I believe helmets are an example of religion in modern society, and I have to admit I believe and it would take much evidence to the contrary to make me stray from the flock. This is based on my personal experience of being "saved" at least once wherein I had a massive headache but no blood and no cracked skull and I "believe" my brain function was saved at very least by the helmet. I could be wrong but this is what I believe. I also think that in DC (all my experiences are roadskating) I had an event-ending at least whack on the back of the head when I fell backward at a street crossing and clonked against a streetlight pole or some such.


Also the sidebars of the BBC article showed a link I've seen before, and I'm not sure if they are a tool for either the helmet manufacturer or the hair stylists of the world, but it is an interesting site...



Note that the USA has a high percentage of accidents with a low percentage of cycling participation. Makes sense that the more we get cyclists out (roadskaters too) the safer it will become.


I thought this was interesting, although I didn't learn all of it I am sure:



The site has articles FOR:





I would think that much of this research is highly localized (localised, like spelling) even in the USA, as attitudes on all sorts of muckymuck vary greatly across regions and even within a few miles, of course.


Regardless, thanks for bringing this up and for sharing links! I did find a wonderful spam bike day event from the Salisbury (not North Carolina, England) Plains Area Merchants or some other SPAM combination...



I bet they have a boffo tee!

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