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Researchers Find Gene Triggering Multiple Sclerosis

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I don't know much about the subject here, but this article caught my eye as a significant find in the search for the genes contributing to Multiple Sclerosis. [We skate Greensboro's Tour to Tanglewood to help raise money for MS research and treatment.] A quick explanation from the article helps explain MS briefly:

The disease is one in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the electrical insulation of nerve fibers. The cause is part genetic and part environmental,...

In exciting work, multiple teams found similar answers using different methods:

One team used a new advanced gene-hunting method called Whole Genome Association, which has racked up a string of successes with major diseases in the last few months. The other teams used the candidate gene approach, but because all three teams identified the same gene, the researchers say they are confident that have opened a new window into the cause and possible treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Hopefully this IHT article will remain viewable for some time to come. This helps give me a boost in fundraising and promotional efforts for the Tour!

Researchers identify gene causing multiple sclerosis - International Herald Tribune -

Researchers identify gene causing multiple sclerosis
International Herald Tribune, France - 1 hour ago
By Nicholas Wade Medical researchers have made a significant advance in understanding multiple sclerosis, a common neurological disease that causes symptoms ...

[Multiple Sclerosis]
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