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Return of Marianne?

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Been signed up for a while

I typically sign up as soon as registration opens. It helps the organizers to have people sign up early, but I know financial issues sometime prevent that. In any case, I'll be there - doing the full 87 miles... As for Marianne, I've heard her return to skating will be on rec skates. I think any type of skate would be fine so long as there's a heel brake that can be used effectively. But I'm very happy to hear she's giving it another shot! :-) - SM -
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Count me in

I have already registered and it is the highlight of my year. Any one out there on the fence, at least do the 38 mile. I promise you will not regret it. And with all the roadskates you have been doing MikeB, I'm sure you will have no problems doing the 87. Small potatoes after 50 odd mph down hill, right.
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That's Marianne J but hopefully Marianne from Canada also

I think I recall Marianne from Canada saying she might not be able to be here this year, but a transformation sparked last Tour to Tanglewood that has drawn Marianne J back to inline skating it seems. I don't know if she'll be doing the Tour to Tanglewood on skates or bike or one day skates and the other on bikes, but it's great to see her giving another go at the small wheels, as long as she loves it. As for the email note, I haven't seen anything so shocking on the A2A or APRR lists, but those who can, please sign up. As for me, I'll be there, but don't know if I can put up the dough yet. I know eebee will be there too. How about it dtg? MikeB? You know you want to! You also know you can just slow down and wait for us if you get bored being fast!
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Marianne is back?

Oh my. That's great news. For a while there, I thought a brown bear got her. :-)

From Canada

No bear is interested in my buns of steel - so far. (steel = wishful thinking)

As for my training, I am one of the gym rats in the winter, and will hit the road in late whenever, that’s when all the snow is gone and the street cleaning has been completed.

There is a perfect way to describe our 4 seasons.

1-almost winter, 2-winter, 3-almost spring, 4-construction.  

Some awesome hills and various other local roads got a facelift this year (baby butt smooth pavement). So, I am ripping it up and skate like I have a race to prepare for.

I would love to skate A2A this year, especially since I did not cross the finish line in 2008. The event is still on my to-do-list. Travel and accommodation costs are the main factors for not allowing me to attend the 2009 crazy skate.

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A2A on the line again

Yes, you are correct!

Speaking of A2A, I rec'd this email today from Jessica (Skatelog):

IMPORTANT - Please sign up for A2A today! A2A needs more skaters signed up.

Dear Skater,

Disclaimer: If you're a skater, you got the email:p This means if you've signed up already or have absolutely no interest in skating a2a, just ignore - or better yet, pass on to someone that might be interested :)

I just got word that the race organizers for Athens to Atlanta are having a meeting *TONIGHT* to determine whether or not the event will happen this year. As it stands there are only about 50 people registered, and as far as I know the minimum is 100. If you are even remotely considering please please please just go ahead and register *TODAY* so we at least have the option of skating it.

I would really be disappointed to see the best race in the country (IMO) not happen.


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