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Riding the Carolina Century

I have had the extraordinary good fortune of riding sections of the Carolina Century. Thanks to more friends than I can name, I broke personal records on both occassions.  The first time, not only did I complete 37 miles, but I conquered (slowly) Trashmore Hill.  The second go round - I made half a century with 51 miles. On this second ride, I saw the mountains of VA and did not stop on a single hill til the end. This for me is a great accomplishment. There are so many wonderful things to say about these rides, but right now I am tired.  So please forgive me for ending at this point and please stay tuned for "the rest of the story".


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A few great days checking the Carolina Century courses

First of all, congratulations on your personal record breaking performances! Kudos to Sparky for embracing the idea of doing sections of the Carolina Century routes to test them for this year and to preview them to the Taters and Spare Tire team members. We had tons of fun on the routes and have covered almost all of it. Soon we'll take care of the missing pieces. This week we focus on the Tour to Tanglewood, then the next we skaters have Athens to Atlanta on the following Sunday. After that, all efforts go to marking routes, printing information, getting supplies ready, and so much more. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story when you can get to it! We had a nice bunch of folk riding with us today. Thanks to all who came out.

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Carolina Century Rides

I have had the great pleasure of riding the Western Loop, the 31 mile route and 44 miles of the 51 mile route.  It is totally awesome.  You just can't imagine the views!  The routes are really good.  Just enough hills to keep it exciting and to test your willpower!  These routes have some of the best downhills that I have ever had the opportunity to ride.  I love it!  I just wish I had trained enough to ride the 100 this year, but I will be content to ride a shorter route and then be a SAG vehicle or volunteer where needed.  But watch out next year, I'll get my first century then!  Spare Tires Roll!

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2010 Carolina Century - another ''epic'' year?

2009's Carolina Century certainly had to be classified as ''epic'' and hopefully 2010 will be as well.  The routes are awesome - great pavement, super views, fantastic countryside, wonderful people, committed volunteers working those rest stops/SAGs/support,,,,,and OOOOHHHH that chili at the finish....Mmmmmm  Mmm.

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