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Rites of Spring Bike Ride Road Skate, Mar 30, 2008 Greensboro Guilford NC Northeast Park 21, 42, 61 Miles

2008.03.30 9:00 am
2008.03.30 2:00 pm

Triad (and beyond) bicyclists of all levels and styles anticipate the annual Rites of Spring Ride to get their cycling gears in motion!

The Rites of Spring event is THE place and time to meet cyclists from all around the region, share great riding on scenic and infrequently covered territory, and just have a great time.

Registration begins at 9AM; rollout for roadies and off-roadies at 10AM.

Demo bikes will be there to try out, music will be playing, and new friends are waiting to be found!

This year it will take place on Sunday, March 30th 2008

At the really nice (!) new Guilford County Northeast Park.

Road ride distances of 21, 42 or 61 miles with cue sheets, maps, rest stops and sag wagon support.

MTB ride on fun loops seeing much of the 370+ acres with miles of trails.

Everyone returns from their riding for a yummy box lunch and drinks.

And importantly, this year's event is benefiting B.I.G. (Bicycling In Greensboro) a non-profit bicycle advocacy group who are working hard to make our area safe and accessible for cycling, skaters & pedestrians. Heck, even if you cannot attend, send in your entry fee just to kick start this great community organization!!!

  • Meet area cyclists!
  • Scenic routes!
  • Sag wagon support!
  • Demo Bikes!
  • Music!
  • After-ride food, drinks & fun!
  • Join the Greensboro Velo Club and Greensboro Fat Tire Society and get a special reduced entry!
Here is the official event flier with entry form (notice the early registration discount):

Guilford County Northeast Park park:

This new park is just a short drive north eastward toward Gibsonville:

Directions from Greensboro:
Take Wendover east, take Huffine Mill Rd north (to your left off Wendover) and follow Huffine Mill road until the (2nd) left turn on Hicone Road. You will see the sign for NE Park and entrance on right.

If you are not riding yet or just want to help, volunteers for a lot of small jobs are needed! Let m4e know if you want to have some fun and pitch in!

See you all there!



Northeast Park, Gibsonville, Guilford County, NC
4006 High Rock Rd,
Gibsonville, North Carolina 27249
United States
36° 9' 56.8944" N, 79° 37' 1.4232" W


roadskater's picture

How NOT to Ruin Roadskating for Everybody...Roadcycling Too!

Hey to all. The Rites of Spring like every Greensboro Velo Club ride I know of is a skater-friendly ride, but a couple of things are in order.

If you've never done a skate on open roads, please get with some of us here first and do some road work. Dying for your sport is fine, but avoidable dying for your sport is not! Greensboro Country Park is a good place to get the roads without the cars after 4pm, and to have some challenges you have to avoid where death is less likely than on the street in a force=mass x acceleration battle with SUVs. Then we can branch out to brief sections of road on the way up to Bur-Mil, with trails and seldom-used streets except for at the Battleground, where we are forced onto Old Battleground Road for reasons definitely not understood by the stressed drivers making a left up from New Garden.

Another rule of thumb is that except for advanced skaters clocking 14 as an average or events with published stay-open-until checkpoint times, we tend to pick the half-longest-distance or shorter routes. The skinny greyhound looking guys will clock the long route, and you might make half their pace, or probably not. But you'll have a reception and maybe some food if you do a shorter route then hit the park later if you just haven't done enough miles.

Remember you're an ambassador for your sport whether you like that or not, and whether or not other skaters like it, too.

It's hard to do, but if you get honked at or even yelled at, please act AS IF they were cheering you. This frustrates evildoers wherever they are. Sometimes they will have been cheering, others not, but it really is hard to tell sometimes. Remember you're out skating and they're stuck in a car (a fancy one you may not be able to afford, perhaps, but still, their legs are mush compared to yours, right!?). And yes occasionally you'll make a mistake, but if you try to keep your zen and spread the skateylove it can keep a bad situation from going sick...like, you know, bullet in your head sick.

The main thing is try to think how your participation will affect the event hosts negatively, and lessen that negative impact as much as possible. If you have questions, please ask them up front and respectfully.

We've only had one ride disallow our participation once we showed up, and we had done that one before, got registration materials in the mail, filled them out and signed up. Blossom had flown down from Manhattan to Greensboro skate their charity ride (not in Greensboro). When they realized that, they let us skate but gave us our money back (I think we later donated it back to them by mail, at least some of us). This was not because we did anything wrong, and they had no complaints about us they said. We had done the ride the year before and they knew we did Tanglewood and the police were some of the same ones from T2T, but I think one of the police head honchos that day just hadn't ever seen grown adults skating with similar skills to those of average cyclists. So they haven't gotten $450 of my money (9 years x $50 I think) x 5 to 10 (very likely yearly participants)...$2,250 to $4,500 dollars of our money. We've focused that effort on the Multiple Sclerosis society with their awesome training rides, which are free, sponsored by the bike shops that sponsor the tour, and so many other rides (Tour de Lions, Tour de Kale are great ones with local folk doing amazing volunteer work for the ride) that get that we just want to do something a little different, maybe a bit more difficult in some ways, but better for our souls and bodies.

Let me mention Suzanne Bland again here. She was our absolutely undying adamant supporter in the early days of our Tour to Tanglewood participation, and she changed our lives for it, and helped her charity at the same time. She taught us we were equal and important participants, and had a beautifully worded response for every situation where skaters might need a friendly word.

Anyway, pretend you were the rest stop worker and it's late and you want to eat, use the restroom, watch a game, see people finish, take a nap. Keeping a rest stop open for an individual or small group WAY behind everyone else must be maddening (unless they published rest stop commitments, and even then, still), so consider that before you decide on a whim to double your mileage at the crossroads, say.

And need I say never disrespect the SAG or rest stop workers or officials or police even if they are trying to get you to quit. State your case calmly and logically and you may keep rolling. Unzip on them and you may end it for you and every other person who uses the same equipment. The more you appear under control and reasonable, the better your chances of continuing that day and beyond.

Another tip: If you hear a car back and they stick there, turn your head briefly to them as if you see them and wave hello-like (not directing traffic-like because it is their choice to pass or not and their responsibility). Once the KNOW YOU KNOW they are there, they'll be more likely to move on by. Remember what it's like to drive. At most rides, it wasn't that long ago!

OK, that's my note for 2008 on this. I'll probably repeat. And you do what you, not I, think is right! But keep your eyes on the prize, skaterlies. It's at least a decade of work to become an equally respected part of a community of people who believe we can and should support exercise for charity, for errands, for work, for life, for peace within.

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