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Road Rash!

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Road Rash!Forgetting to bring your knee and elbow pads to the workshop + getting tired on Sunday afternoon = ripped clothes and skin peelings on the pavement!


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Ouch, Elizabeth. Sorry.. It

Ouch, Elizabeth. Sorry.. It usually happens to me once a season, then I'm good to go. This year it was on black ice with randomly positioned and paved over chunks of rock poking up out of the pavement. The humiliating part was that it was on a four lane thoroughfare with about 25 cyclists doing about 20 mph right behind me. On top of all that, Blake didn't even get a picture of it!!! Oh well, maybe next year. Heal quick!
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Fall big or go home!

Or fall big, then go home :-D

There's nothing like wiping out in front of a bunch of cyclists. I did that at the start of Tour de Kale one year.

I hope you heal up quickly too, Jack! And you're right, there's nothing like getting a decent fall out of the way early on in the season. I won't say 'they come in threes' or anything ridiculous like that, but I will say I enjoyed a two or three year run of not falling at all, but have made up for that steadily since last November!

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