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Roadksater.net Inline Skaters & Cyclists Raise Money for Multiple Sclerosis

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Hello world, as the programmers say. Would you like to help some inline skaters help the people who help the people with Multiple Sclerosis? If so, please sponsor our Roadskater.net inline skating and cycling charity team. Or better yet, join us September 15-16 for the Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis. Find out more, and join or donate at:

As of Sep 6 2007 in the afternoon we are up to 29 members; 30 if the artist joins as we think and hope; 32 if the young skateyrents join as we believe and 34ish if they bring charity exercising family members with; 35 if the tall one finds travel deals and time, but doubtful I fear. Anyone else?

Congratulations to the top fundraisers so far. I admit my total so far is from one generous and corporately-well-matched donor. But OK, there's time to do more and we all usually give some away to other team members who seriously tried.

It's hard to ask, and I find that each time I ask, it's no easier. But I believe the money is not wasted and I have done what I can to research that. So even though I've hit skate lists with this, I'll make private requests to friends and family too.

Specifically let me congratulate Tyler, our youngest member, a cyclista who was using knobbies at the last training ride i think. That's the spirit! Most importantly, he's raised his min and beyond and has already turned in $240. You go, Tyler. Welcome to you and your dad, and we look forward to meeting him if his back's OK. And a hearty "well met" to your mom as well, with thanks for bringing you out and waiting for you to finish. Thanks for the wave out on the road as we slogged back to town!

The team has $7471 online plus another $800 we know about, for $8271. Here are the top fundraisers as far as turned in and online funds to date (except for Tom, this doesn't include funds collected offline, so it is just a start):

  • Jared $2,026.00 NY
  • Mark S $1,500.00 NC via MI
  • Tom $1,025 NC
  • Marianne $1,000.00 NC via FL via NED
  • Mark P $825.00 MI
  • Blake $600.00 NC
  • Larry $500.00 NJ 

I can't say enough how much it means to me that these skaters and cyclists come from so far to help the skaters in North Carolina show our fellow cyclists and the people with multiple sclerosis that we care. And all year I hear what the team members have done on the course! Almost all of it's great, and among those here this year, it's all great. Thank you for representing skating and cycling with love, especially on these two extremely important days. Remember, even if it's gray and soggy, the sun is out, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you. But so far it has never rained on any tour since 1999 while we were on the course.

Regarding contributions beyond your goal. You have every right to turn in every donation you collect, and there are prize levels notably at $500 (tour jersey, which this year has a supersweet zipper which makes me both glad and sad; this is not the roadskater.net secret color jersey but one to advertise the Tour to Tanglewood for MS) and $750 (tour cycling shorts with a funny pad inside that's relatively easy to remove with care so you can go skay'in'). You choose your goals, and beyond those goals, if you'd be willing, we'd ask that you turn in your excess donations to me so I can turn them in to the tour on settlement day. Give them to me any time except before the start either day. So turn in your minimum or your goal level, if you have it, but share the rest with the team if willing. Again, if you're working for a goal, get there first, then share the excess if you will. It all goes to the same great cause, and helps us represent skating and the Tour to the world.

Those who have seriously tried and can't get to min, we'll do our best to help by settlement day (after the tour), and then we'll work to get as many tour jerseys on as many skater and biker backs as we can to advertise the tour. Beyond that if you're close to another goal, I'll try to give you a push when I go in on settlement day with my spreadsheet and little envelopes all bent over and shuffling from numbers swirling around my head.

We had at least one top 100 fundraiser among our skaters last year (they wear numbers with a yellow background and the number is their fundraising rank for the previous year). It looks like this year we may have another skater in the top 100. We'll hope so.

It's not too late to try, and in fact, it sometimes helps to have that sense of urgency. Do all you can before the tour, and after the tour we have a little while to make an extra push. Skateylove y'all...Blake

Here's a letter that Jared wrote which has been very successful indeed. Make it your own and send it to your friends and family if you like.

    Subject: MS Ride -- Please help

    Dear Friends,

    Every hour someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease of the central nervous system affecting the brain and spinal cord. Please join me in supporting the National MS Society's mission to end the devastating effects of MS.

    This summer, the newspapers were full of news about research that has, for the first time, pinpointed specific genetic variations that can contribute to the disease. (See, for example, the New York Times coverage: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/30/health/30gene.html ). This is an important and exciting advance. It underscores both the lengths that research has to go to understand the disease and the breakthroughs that can come when research is supported. Of course, this means money.

    Last year, I participated in the MS Ride called the “Tour to Tanglewood,” an annual event to raise awareness of MS and funds for MS research. “T2T” traces a route through the hill country of central North Carolina. Though most of the 1500 participants were on bicycles, I joined up with forty other like minded enthusiasts on Team Roadskater.net and took the event on skates. The two-day course of roughly 90 miles was extremely challenging­and at times exceedingly painful on sore feet and cramped muscles. But, despite the discomfort and pain, it was an extremely rewarding experience to be with such a large cohort of people together sharing a good cause.

    The Tour to Tanglewood will ride again in September­ on the 15th-16th. You can support me in this year's Tour by clicking the link below and making a secure online epledge.


    If you wish to pledge by check, before or after the event, please write the check to "National Multiple Sclerosis Society." I will be glad to pick it up on campus or, you can mail it to me at home: xxxxx.

    In last year's Tour to Tanglewood, about 1,400 participants raised about $1.5 million to support research toward finding a cure for MS. We are on track to do even better this year -- with your help, we can continue to make a difference!

    Many thanks in advance for your help!
    skate fast
    skate safe
    skate often


Thanks for sharing your letter, Jared, and for all you do for skating in the Empire State. Now just to remind everyone....

Click here to view the team page for Roadskater.net
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

You can make a difference and help me make a difference too. Please donate for people who can't skate, bike, run or walk--sometimes even sit or lie down--without pain. Now is the time to support DNA research and offer some kindness and assistance to people who need our help.

Skateylove, Blake


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Feel Free to Add Your Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising Letter Here

I just wanted to highlight this by commenting. I welcome anyone to add their fundraising ideas here, including more letters. I know Vivian had bake sales and garage sales and raised tons of money. Mark S did skate workshops and raised lots for the cause too. Mark F has in the past tied donations to particular purchases on his website, and Benny B is offering discounts on gear to people who donate through him. Let's share ideas and find out what works for us individually. Thanks and skateylove, Blake

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